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Gemini-Dragon love, and Blake Shelton

Linda LaZar

For the past few weeks, we have been featuring a series of “perfect love-match profiles” because I receive so many questions asking which signs make the perfect match.

Describing compatible signs is one of my favorite applications of Chinese astrology. After all, choosing the most compatible partner for life or marriage could be the most important decision you make in your life. If you choose a compatible life partner, your future could be stable and harmonious, even exciting and adventurous. If you choose an incompatible life partner, your future could be filled with anxiety, disappointment, and regret. Individuals can find optimum compatibility in one partner, and Chinese astrology can lead the way. 

I received a question from a gentleman who was born under the sun sign Gemini during the lunar Year of the Dragon. He married early in life and divorced. He has never quite found the partner he hoped would show up in his life. Now, he wonders if his destiny was meant to be lived without a partner. Having a romantic partner in life is an important component for some signs, and other signs enjoy having freedom and various friendships to fill their lives with options and new goals every day. 

When pairing Dragons with their perfect love signs, it could be simpler to say which signs are not compatible with Dragons. Individuals born during the Year of the Dragon are often able to find harmonious friendship with most signs. However, Dogs and Tigers tend to clash with Dragons. It’s not because of dissimilar values or beliefs, all three signs want harmony and friendships. The clash involves expression of personality and behavior. Dragons appreciate mellow signs, ones that adapt and blend with the environment without causing discord or friction. Dogs and Tigers are scrappy. They enjoy stirring the pot and speaking their minds. For this reason, a Dragon would do well to steer away from developing a lifelong romantic partnership with a Dog or Tiger. 

Dear Gemini-Dragon, perhaps you must find yourself before finding your perfect match. Dragons are spiritual and religious, and Gemini-Dragons find true peace within themselves during spiritual contemplation. Gemini-Dragons are the most energetic Dragons. They are happy while in motion, shopping, traveling, talking, and spending time with groups and discussion. Gemini-Dragons possess impulsive tendencies, which often trigger misdirection on their life’s path. Gemini-Dragon, before finding your perfect love match, you must first decide whether or not you truly want to pair with one person. If so, then turn to your friends, consider which ones bring you the most happiness. Rats and Monkeys are your most compatible romantic partnerships. Roosters work together with Dragons toward mutual goals and success. Rabbits are fun and reliable companions for the adventurous Gemini-Dragon. The key is to find peace within yourself, then you will be ready to find your perfect love match, as long as you veer away from Dogs and Tigers. Famous Gemini-Dragons include Blake Shelton, Liam Neeson, Mr. T, John Goodman. 



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