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Chronicle ends donation campaign

It is with great humility and gratitude that The Chronicle can announce that its donation campaign is over as of today. We qualified for and received a Payroll Protection Plan emergency/disaster loan, which will ensure our survival.

The virus’ initial arrival affected our psyches as much as anything. The isolation, uncertainty, and confusion left all of us suddenly standing on shifting sand.

The ripple effects of stay-at-home orders, and the burdens placed on small businesses and parents suddenly forced into teaching roles created a chaotic existence in many respects.

And now, for The Chronicle and the people it supports, there is certainty again in our lives. Just one mom-and-pop operation that will continue – thanks in large measure to you, our readers and local residents.

A little more than $3,000 was donated overall. The final, cumulative dollar figure will never tell as meaningful a story as the smallest individual donations and the warm, uplifting words of encouragement sent our way.

Your contributions, and those of others beyond the website, allowed us to relaunch our website early in the pandemic, and offer our extensive COVID-19 content for free. Online journalism is particularly expensive; it’s a big leap from producing a weekly paper to a digital “daily” with fresh and engaging content.

You helped us do that at a critical time in our world, our local community and for our small business.

And if the comments that accompanied so many donations were a preview of what eulogies would have sounded like if The Chronicle had perished, they had a tangible effect on our morale and resolve. You were here for us; we’re going to still be here for you.

Now, with our future on solid footing, we redouble our efforts to super-serve readers and advertising clients. Our partnership with PeaceHealth’s subject-matter experts – where they contribute insights and information – was an important addition to our coverage during the pandemic. In fact, we’re dedicating more resources to wellness and healthcare going forward, so you are informed by local experts.

We’re also adding more business expertise. The economic impact on small businesses and our personal lives is only just beginning. The Chronicle wants to give you information from trusted resources in our area.

My wife Denise and I, and the entire team at The Chronicle, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Noel Nash is publisher of The Chronicle.



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