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Love match for a Leo-Pig and Lucille Ball

Linda LaZar

Many years ago, I hosted a call-in radio talk show in Los Angeles answering questions about Chinese astrology. Listeners would tune in for three hours on Friday evenings, and we never seemed to have enough time to answer all the calls queued up. We had a lot of fun, and the most frequently asked questions were related to career and love. 

In this week’s column, I’ll continue the “perfect love match” series, and I’ll answer a question from a young woman born under the sign Leo during the Year of the Pig. 

There are a few good matches for a Pig-born person. Many people are drawn to Pigs, but Pigs are very choosy in their love life. Pigs become friends with everyone, anyone, any culture, and any socioeconomic class. Pigs love friends and people, but romantic love for a Pig is serious.

Pigs believe in loyalty and commitment, so it is difficult for a Pig to consider breaking someone’s heart, even if they should leave the relationship. This is why Pig-born individuals often endure unhappy marriages and relationships early in life, unwisely willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others. 

Lucille Ball was born under the sign Leo-Pig. She married Desi Arnaz, a Pieces-Snake. A Snake and Pig match is one of the worst romantic partnerships possible. These two signs are diametrically opposite. They have similar views on life and values, but personality clashes will wreak havoc on the romantic relationship. Lucille Ball’s second husband, Gary Morton, was a Sagittarius-Rat. This was a perfect match. Compatible personalities, temperaments, and loyal friendship, as well as romance. The Sagittarius-Rat did not offer the fiery passion of the Snake, but the love, partnership, and commitment were peaceful and lasting. 

Pigs are also compatible and drawn to those born during the Years of the Ox, Dog, Sheep, Rabbit, and Tiger. Lasting respect and contentment often fade between a Pig matched with a Dog. Hilary Clinton (Pig) married her husband Bill (Dog), and Sonny Bono (Pig) married his wife Cher (Dog). These are great partnerships and friendships, but Pigs often are disappointed in the long-term result. Pigs are drawn to Ox-born individuals, and vice versa. This combination finds a chemistry each cannot resist. A Pig will devote themselves to the goals of their Dog and Ox spouses; and lose themselves. Tigers are a fun and strong match for a Pig. Life won’t be serene and peaceful with a Tiger, but the Pig will love the Tiger’s passion, ambition, love for family, and energy. A Sheep would be a good match for a Pig. However, the Sheep will pull the Pig into directions that may veer away from the Pig’s own dreams and goals. Rabbits are compatible with Pigs, but unless the Pig is willing to share their Rabbit with the Rabbit’s career, infidelity, or hobbies, this Leo-Pig may feel she takes second place to the Rabbit’s priorities. 

If this Leo-Pig can find a compatible Rat early in life, the two of them could live a happy and devoted life together built on friendship and mutual respect.



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