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Chinese astrology love signs, and Heidi Klum

Linda LaZar

Continuing our series of love connections, a reader of The Chronicle who was born under the sun sign Gemini and the lunar sign Ox asked me what lunar sign her ideal match would be. This young Gemini-Ox is smart, beautiful, and ambitious. She needs a sign who is also ambitious and will appreciate and support her goals while she appreciates and supports her partner’s goals.

This young woman would make an excellent businessperson, performer, politician, lawyer, and would excel at anything she does. She will have the most fun making a positive change in the world, while expressing her creative and business side. 

A Gemini-Ox also enjoys motherhood. She will work to influence change in society while raising a child who is well-rounded and well-traveled; and the Gemini-Ox will be sure her child is offered the greatest opportunities available. A good love match for this sign would be a man born during the Years of the Rat, Pig, Rooster, and Snake. It is important that the signs are equally ready and prepared to work as diligently as the Ox while they build their lives together. 

A Rat-born would offer the Ox a good partnership in fun and business. This combination would be inseparable. A partner born during the Year of the Pig would adore his amazing Gemini-Ox, would dedicate themselves to her goals and be willing to sacrifice their own goals to ensure she is successful and happy. A Rooster would also make a good partner for an Ox. Male Roosters like to take stage, be the center of attention, direct projects, and be acknowledged for their good work. A Gemini-Ox female would do well with this sign, but only if the Rooster’s sun sign could defer his need for attention and leadership to his shining star, the Gemini-Ox.

It is likely the Ox would take second position to keep the Rooster happy, and this may curtail her own success if she is working toward a challenging goal. A man born during the Year of the Snake would also make a compatible match but would most likely be more successful later in life. 

Heidi Klum was born under the sign Gemini-Ox. Her first husband Ric Pipino was born during the Year of the Monkey; her second husband, the musician Seal, was born during the Year of the Rabbit; and her current husband Tom Kaulitz was born during the Year of the Snake. The current Snake/Ox match could do well. The Snake and the Ox share an appreciation for fashion, luxury, peace, music, family, and social justice. Since Klum has reached great success in her life, the younger Snake husband will be happy pursuing his career without the pressure of helping his Ox wife develop success. This could make a very good match while both are enjoying the fruits of their hard work and the peace that their companionship and creative interests bring them.


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