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Chinese astrology love signs, and Liz Taylor

Linda LaZar

Matchmaking often comes up in conversations about Chinese astrology, so this week, and over the next three weeks, I’ll be answering questions about love signs. If you are curious about a compatible match for yourself, send me your birthday, including day, month, and year.

I often receive questions regarding what sign would be a person’s perfect match. I believe many different astrological combinations can make an excellent match, and many times I consider the age of the couples involved. Some signs would make a wonderful love match in their senior years but would not make a lasting match in their youth. 

For instance, a young woman born under the sign Libra during the Year of the Monkey asked me what sign would be her perfect love match. This young woman is in her 20s, and her sign is attracted to masculine, powerful, exciting, virile men, especially those born during the Year of the Ox. A woman born during the Year of the Monkey would be very attractive to an Ox man. These signs make a great match while they are dating in their youth, but the Monkey would be better suited as a wife and mother matched with a Rat, and also a Dragon. 

Actress Elizabeth Taylor was born during the Year of the Monkey, and her first husband was born in the Year of the Tiger – the marriage lasted a year. Next, she married Michael Wilding, born during the Year of the Rat. Wilding would have made a great match for her later in life, but this sign was not quite as exciting for a Monkey in her youth. Her next husband was Mike Todd, who was born during the Year of the Rooster, and was a charismatic gentleman. 

Todd passed away, leaving her in love with the memory of him for many years. However, a Rooster is not the long-term perfect match for a Monkey. Eddie Fisher was her next husband, a Dragon, and this match could have been compatible, especially during later years, maturing together, but not a perfect match for Elizabeth at age 27 when she married him.

Then, Richard Burton entered her life. He was born under the sign Scorpio-Ox. This sign is the sexy, masculine, exciting, charismatic love that a Monkey would keep in her heart and soul throughout her life, but an Ox is not the perfect match for a Monkey, either. Sen. John Warner was next; he was born during the Year of the Rabbit. He was a nice man, but not a captivating spouse for a Monkey. Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh and final husband was Larry Fortensky, who was born on the cusp of the lunar years Rabbit and Dragon. This sign, too, would not work well as a lasting match. 

Monkeys possess ever-changing passions and desires. Monkeys often remarry three or more times in their lifetimes. And every love is exciting and important to the Monkey. The Libra-Monkey reader can find stability and compatibility with a Rat or Dragon, but chances are she will find excitement and fun while dating several good men before she finds her perfect match.

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