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Would you choose to have lunch with Oprah?

Linda LaZar

One of my friends challenged me with a fun quiz this week. She asked me to choose two people whom I have never met before, and with whom I would like to share lunch and an in-depth conversation.

She said one choice must be alive, and the other choice must have already passed away. I quickly chose Jesus as my “passed away” option, and after thinking for just a few seconds more, I chose Oprah Winfrey as my “alive” option. 

After this little quiz, I was inspired to look up Oprah’s birth date and analyze her birth sign. Oprah was born under the sign Aquarius on the cusp of the lunar years Snake and Horse. Remember, lunar year signs continue for an entire 12 months, unlike sun signs that last approximately one month. When someone is born in January or February, they are often born on the cusp of two lunar years, which adds a unique twist to their personalities and characteristics. 

The Aquarius-Snake personality offers fun and friendly traits to the astrological mix. This sign is logical and smart and does not see the point of wasting time grumbling over details that cannot be changed or controlled. Instead, this sign optimistically looks forward to making the best of the situation.

This sign also is very particular. She pays close attention to details and will not offer or accept shoddy work. An Aquarius-Snake knows what she wants, she takes pride in her work, she offers quality, and expects nothing less in return; and she does it with a kind heart and likeable personality. 

An Aquarius-Snake cannot be stopped when creating new standards of thinking and new opportunities to pursue. The creativity of an Aquarius-Snake offers so many ideas and directions to pursue, colleagues and friends struggle to keep up with her many ambitious plans and projects. 

The influence of being born on the cusp of the Year of the Horse adds a sense of adventure and travel, always looking to the future.

The Horse brings limitless love for life and friends. The Horse influence is excellent at creating parties, working in groups, sharing fun with close friendships, and prevents the Aquarius-Snake from being too serious. 

The Aquarius-Snake/Horse makes an excellent leader, manager, performer, colleague, and entrepreneur. Becoming a politician would be too constraining for this sign to enjoy. An Aquarius-Snake/Horse would rather influence change without constraints. When I first chose Oprah in the quiz, I assumed I would enjoy meeting her as it pertains to her spiritual journey, but after examining her sign, I imagine the best part of lunch would be the fun and creativity she would bring to it.

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