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Try a fun astrology game while social distancing

This week the editor of The Chronicle asked the staff and contributors to email their favorite song – the one that ”makes you get up and go.” A couple of songs quickly came to my mind. After submitting my favorite song to Erin, the executive editor, I decided to look up the astrological signs of the two artists who wrote my two favorite songs. I wasn’t surprised to see a correlation.
It’s not uncommon for us to have preferences in astrological signs. We often choose friends who are born under the same sign, or enjoy favorite actors born under the same sign. The two singers/writers of the songs I like were both under the lunar sign Ox. Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars were both born during the Year of the Ox (Williams is an Aries-Ox and Bruno Mars a Libra-Ox).
During this worldwide period of social distancing and self-quarantine, it is likely that many people will seek new ways to entertain themselves, learn new things, pass the time, and play games. A fun astrology game might be entertaining and enlightening. Just as I described my curiosity in the lunar signs of Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars, I suggest you try it for yourself.
You can begin by making a list of your favorite actors, celebrities, historical figures, people in your life, friends and family members with whom you have especially close friendships and relationships.
Perhaps make a list of all the people in your life who have been kind to you. Alternately, list the people who have been hurtful, who have damaged or adversely altered your life.
After you make your lists, look up their dates of birth on the lunar calendar. There is a basic lunar calendar within this article, but please refer to an exact lunar calendar for birth dates that fall in January and February (you can find one at YourMoonSign.com).
After you find the lunar birth years, compare the lists. If you find a correlation or pattern, you can use this information when engaging in new friendships or to understand reasons some relationships inspire you to feel happy and others cause you distress.
I want to remind you, there are no bad signs. No one is good or bad based on their astrological sign. The value in the patterns and comparisons is to better understand those you associate with. Knowing that there is a pattern of experiencing challenging relationships with certain signs may offer you more tolerance and acceptance for the differences between you or the personality traits that you appreciate or dislike. Relationships can improve if you understand the natural strengths and challenges in others. It may also help you understand yourself better.
This comparison game reminded me of a time many years ago when I researched comedians. I found that several of the most successful and charismatic comedians were born under the sign Ox: Eddie Murphy, Jim Parsons, Charlie Chaplin, George Lopez, George Carlin, Ricky Gervais, Red Skelton, Dave Chappelle, Ed Sullivan, Lenny Bruce, Johnny Carson, Jim Carrey, Jonathan Winters, and Dick Van Dyke, to name a few.
There are comedians born in all lunar years, and when I did a quick tally of 100 top comedians, I found over 10% were born in the year of the Ox, and most of the Ox-born were listed in the top 40 of the top 100. I noticed a specific characteristic of strength and charisma, and successful longevity.
I noticed a pattern of female comics who were born during the Year of the Dragon, such as Roseanne Barr, Elayne Boosler, and Wanda Sykes. Women born in the Year of the Dragon are outspoken. It isn’t uncommon for Dragon women to make big statements and cause controversy, and they often say or do things that require an apology.
A Dragon’s intentions are to fight for the underdog, they don’t back off from strong debates, and Dragon women will fight for their children, their groups, and their country. Nancy Pelosi, Sharon Osbourne, Courtney Love, and Wendy Williams were born during the Year of the Dragon.
A female reader of The Chronicle who was born under the sign Leo-Dragon wrote and worried that she had created distance and animosity between her and her friends.
It is not uncommon for Dragons to ruffle feathers, causing friends to step back from a friendship for a while to regroup. Dragon women are wonderful friends, and their friends understand the Dragon’s occasionally unpleasant temperament. Dragons possess intensity and fire. They seek peace and, ironically, engage in war only if it is for the purpose of fighting for fairness.
When confronted, Dragons will stand up to any adversary and will not be intimidated. A mighty Dragon woman will speak her mind without fear of contradiction. They are able to remain congenial and gracious as long as their sense of justice is being observed.
Dragons possess a fierce temper and will breathe fire when they reach their boiling point. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire of a Dragon, just wait for the Dragon to simmer down. A Dragon needs to breathe fire every now and then. It’s their nature.
I believe this Leo-Dragon reader will find her friends receptive to reuniting and forgiving. With a kind gesture, acknowledging that she is aware of her behavior and offering her regrets, this Dragon will find the valuable friendships return and the happiness that she seeks. It is important for Dragons to have self-awareness and refrain from breathing fire in the face of their friends.



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