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Gemini-Rabbit plotting successful path

I received a question from a female reader of The Chronicle who was born under the sign Gemini during the Year of the Rabbit, and her question pertains to plans she has plotted with her male partner, who was born under the sign Pieces during the Year of the Rat.
This Gemini-Rabbit worked in foreign service, and I can say without a doubt, this reader followed her passion and the characteristics of her Gemini-Rabbit sign. It would be wonderful for all people to live their best life, if all signs were tuned-in to their natural characteristics, skills, talents, and career passion. This Gemini-Rabbit chose an amazing career path that allowed her to utilize her natural skills, personality, passion, and intelligence.
A Gemini-Rabbit is energetic, optimistic, and enjoys the limitless opportunity in life, taking advantage of every wonderful thing life has to offer. Ideologically a Gemini-Rabbit’s views on life are reminiscent of a quote from the 1958 film, Auntie Mame – “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” A Gemini-Rabbit consumes life, eager to create and embrace the next opportunity.
A Gemini-Rabbit loves reading, unwilling to waste a moment of downtime when she could be enjoying an adventure through the exciting and dynamic pages of realistic fiction and non-fiction stories (romance, thrillers, and spy novels are likely among the favorites). This sign is sensitive and prone to stress and anxiety when the pressure is on, but also extremely resilient, and able to handle adverse situations better than many other signs.
A Gemini-Rabbit enjoys traveling, dressing fashionably, attending parties (especially ones that include a guest list of eclectic and influential people). A Gemini-Rabbit enjoys family gatherings and will never turn down the opportunity for shopping or dining out, especially if the location has a touted reputation or offers a unique experience to reflect on later and share with friends.
A Gemini-Rabbit often pursues a career that offers an aspect of public relations, utilizing their entertaining and optimistic personality to influence the environment or change in the world. Many Gemini-Rabbits choose a career path that is secure, while also utilizing their influence by offering their talents to inspire and effect change in the world. For instance, Angelina Jolie is a Gemini-Rabbit. She is a successful actress, producer, director, and writer, but she is also respected for her humanitarian work. Bob Hope was a Gemini-Rabbit, and was a popular entertainer, and well-known for his dedicated volunteer work with the USO, entertaining and uplifting military personnel during numerous wars for over 50 years. When I find a Gemini-Rabbit that is feeling down and unfulfilled, I often recommend they find a way to volunteer and inspire vulnerable populations. It could be as simple as offering acts of kindness to their elderly neighbor or be as bold as stimulating awareness throughout the world, enlightening others of the plight of a struggling country.
This Gemini-Rabbit’s partner (Pieces-Rat) was born under a strong sign with patient and controlled mannerisms, and this sign often chooses professional careers of leadership with good intentions to serve others. Politics, law, judicial activism, and calm leadership are of interest to Pieces-Rat individuals. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins and Shaquille O’Neal were born under the sign Pieces-Rat, as was President George Washington. This sign is steady and reliable, not easily shaken and provoked. This is a sign that offers a sense of security, responsibility, and reliability to those who depend on them. The Pieces-Rat and Gemini-Rabbit will offer each other the companionship, stability, and commitment they seek looking forward, aging together and balancing each other.
The Gemini-Rabbit mentioned that she and the Pieces-Rat are living in a long-distance relationship, visiting frequently, but planning to bring the relationship together by relocating the Rat to live in the same town as the Rabbit. The plan is to relocate during 2023. Gemini-Rabbit wonders about their plan. The timing of the Pieces-Rat to relocate in 2023 will be excellent timing for the Gemini-Rabbit.
Over the course of the next two years, the Rabbit will face frustrations, anxiety, and may encounter financial disappointments. But 2023 will bring everything together that she is planning and should work out well.
During the next two years, the Gemini-Rabbit should remember that everything is on track and just like seasons, we go through rainy and cold seasons, but the spring and sunshine will arrive in due time. Be patient and remember that “spring” will arrive for you in 2023. As for the Pieces-Rat, the next three years will be good, and in 2024 he will likely feel secure and settled in his goals. The year 2024 will offer excellent opportunities for business and romance for the Rat. It appears that your plans are right on track.
I have studied and practiced the principles of Chinese astrology for over 30 years, and one of my favorite aspects of sharing the information with others has been in the area of teaching about each sign’s strengths, challenges, and talents, especially in children. If we can understand the areas of strengths, and the areas where each person faces challenges in their potential and on their path, we are better able to move toward personal fulfillment and happiness.
For instance, when you employ a roadmap to guide you through bumpy roads and challenging terrain, the map doesn’t repair the roads for you or lift you over the terrain; instead, the map illustrates why your ride isn’t smooth. By consulting a roadmap, you are better able to prepare yourself for a trip, rather than face a challenging surprise, unprepared and defeated by fear or anxiety.
A roadmap can forestall fear and anxiety when it provides information of road conditions ahead. The map helps us prepare for the trip accordingly. When we understand the potential of our strengths and challenges using Chinese astrology, we can move forward without fear and anxiety, leaning on our strengths and preparing for the bumpy roads ahead that will not surprise us but will offer opportunities to grow and appreciate the challenge. We gain strength by embracing and overcoming the challenges without fear, frustrations, or anger.
I enjoy hearing from you and would like to answer your questions in the column. Please send questions about yourself, lovers, family, or friends. Provide the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question—including their gender, and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally. I do not need names, and I won’t include names in the column. Newspaper astrology columns offer entertainment based on theory.
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