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Lewis & Clark: Compatible Horse, Tiger team

We acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark, the commanders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-06. Meriwether Lewis was born under the sign Leo during the Year of the Horse, and William Clark was born under the sign Leo during the Year of the Tiger.
These two signs are very compatible in multiple ways. People born during the Tiger and Horse years often become very good friends, as well as good colleagues, and both signs are supremely suited for hard work in the wilderness, bravery, risk taking, and exploration. Each had their own strengths for this mission.
A Leo-Horse is strong, both physically and emotionally. Horses are athletic, they are tough, they can take a punch and keep going. They are fearless fighters and boxers (Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler, and Manny Pacquiao, for example). Horses enjoy the outdoors, exploring new places, whether a new territory or a fun hike in the woods with the family for a picnic.
When a Horse is present at a party, he or she will be at the center of fun, games, and adventure. Horses love barbeques, sports, and roughing it. As I’ve mentioned before in this column, Horses are risk takers. Horses have common sense and innate physical coordination. They are often the kids who can pick up a baseball bat and hit a home run with little effort. They will be the ringleader who gathers friends together to build a raft and head down stream, and they are the fearless member of the group who would be willing to relocate an unruly snake in their path.
Horses are fun and likeable. They enjoy spending time with friends, making new friends, and regardless of a new friend’s socioeconomic status, all new friends are equally welcome to a Horse. Horses enjoy having parties with family and friends. Horses enjoy the outdoors, perhaps more (or just as much) as they enjoy a luxury hotel. Horses enjoy leadership, and Leo-Horses are born leaders.
A Leo-Tiger, such as William Clark, has a passionate appreciation for nature, animals, flowers, farming, history, politics, and patriotism. Tigers are intelligent and strategic. They are excellent warriors who risk their own lives for a patriotic cause. They have a connection with animals that other signs cannot match.
Tigers view animals as vulnerable creatures that deserve respect. Tigers especially love their pet dogs and appreciate the animals who serve them. Tigers view nature creatively, they observe and appreciate its beauty in ways that others overlook.
Tigers have an impressive mastery of farming and gardening. They view farming scientifically. They don’t simply rely on tossing seeds into soil. Tigers strategize, they plan the most optimum timing for growth, soil content, and care. Tigers are fun and enjoy the company of their close friends, but Leo-Tigers are more serious than other Tigers. They enjoy a peaceful and fun event with friends, but they are not party animals in the way a Horse-born can be.
The collaboration of Leo-Horse and Leo-Tiger was one of the best strategies of exploration designed by our Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson (Aries-Pig) had the instincts and the brilliance to recognize the potential teamwork and likely success of Lewis and Clark. Everyone has a role to play in collaborations. It is likely that Jefferson would not, himself, have been as successful on the expedition as Lewis and Clark – few signs would have been. But Jefferson’s brilliant leadership, intelligence, and instincts conceived the mission and directed it strategically in a manner that other signs could not have conceived.
All signs have incredible value and potential. The key is to understand your strengths and potential, value the strengths and potential of others, and pursue a life leading with your passion and natural skills and instincts.
Lewis and Clark were one of the greatest collaborative teams in history. They were unique and amazing men. Jefferson was the perfect leader to facilitate and implement this mission. It is important to hire the right people for a job. No matter how well planned and strategized the mission, if you hire the wrong person for the job, the greatest plan can fail.
The expedition changed and improved our country, the mission was successful, but it is also impressive to review the creative and collaborative aspects behind and within the Lewis and Clark expedition.
A reader of The Chronicle asked me if her teenage daughter, born under the sign Virgo-Rooster, would become a doctor someday.
This is an interesting question. The thing about astrology is that it does not involve reading a crystal ball and has nothing to do with being psychic. Astrology is based on predictable cycles that can be tracked and reveal patterns.
I can say, based on research and collecting data, I have found that Roosters have a proclivity toward the healthcare profession. Research has demonstrated to me that Roosters often become nurses and surgeons. Additionally, I found that Roosters often become psychologists. Roosters like to be in charge, they feel comfortable in the role of leader. I would not be surprised if this Virgo-Rooster pursues a career in medicine, and I would not be surprised if she becomes a successful doctor. Her sign is suited for it. It’s a good career choice for a Virgo-Rooster. The key to her success is to use her Rooster skills in planning and goal setting. Roosters are very good at setting goals, keeping notes, and following a strategic plan. Roosters possess pride and diligence.
Career choices for Roosters depend on their exact birth date. For instance, I have found that Gemini-Roosters are very creative and enjoy an audience, they like attention. They often become successful lawyers, performers, teachers, and professors. I have also found that many Roosters enjoy costumes and special effects makeup. Roosters appreciate theatrical endeavors and fit nicely into science, art, pageantry, and enjoying the position of leadership.
I enjoy hearing from you and would like to answer your questions in the column. Please send questions about yourself, lovers, family, or friends. Provide the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question-including their gender, and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally. I do not need names, and I won’t include names in the column. Newspaper astrology columns offer entertainment based on theory.
Please write to me at: [email protected] or The Chronicle, Attn: Linda LaZar, P.O. Box 428 Creswell, OR 97426
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