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Prefontaine: Fast, confident, charismatic

Steve Prefontaine was born under the sign Aquarius during the Year of the Tiger. To be more specific, he was born on the cusp of the Tiger and Rabbit years. This sign, its combination and its cusp aspects, was born to run fast, gracefully, confidently, and to do it with charisma.
People born in the Year of the Tiger are notoriously fast runners and relentless athletes. They love running, soccer, speed, physical risks, competition, and intense challenges. They aren’t afraid of a challenge or an argument.
Runners Usain Bolt (Leo-Tiger), Maurice Greene (Leo-Tiger), and Oscar Pistorius (Sagittarius-Tiger) were champion runners. The sign of the Tiger is not the only sign that runs fast; people born in the Year of the Dog and Sheep are frequently competitive runners, but people born in the Year of the Tiger possess something extra in their approach. They have a raw fearlessness, passion, a natural instinct, and innate drive that propels their athletic endeavors.
When people born in the Year of the Tiger perform, they aren’t simply motivated by following their training and the glory of winning the race, there is something more. Perhaps similar to a wild tiger on the hunt who runs fast to overtake its prey for the purpose of survival, people born in the Year of the Tiger have a similar trait that motivates their physical performance.
People born in the Year of the Tiger are not violent, they are one of the most peaceful and fun-motivated signs. But when men and women born in the Year of the Tiger perform their duties, whether in business or athletics, they could be described as the quintessential example of possessing the ”take-no-prisoners” mindset. Their performance is unleashed without restrictions. Consider Rosie O’Donnell (Aries-Tiger) and her aggressive approach to communication and humor, and actors Christian Bale (Aquarius-Tiger), Shia LaBeouf (Gemini-Tiger), and Tom Cruise (Cancer-Tiger).
Tigers are fearless and hard working. They love children and small animals, such as TV personality Chip Gaines (Scorpio-Tiger), and we fondly remember The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin (Pieces-Tiger). Tigers move forward to pursue their goals, without hesitation. They protect the vulnerable and are fearless against their adversaries. Tigers love nature and beauty, and they mean no harm.
Tigers possess intense energy, sometimes so much energy they seem to be hyperactive. Tigers are not hyperactive; they are powerful and successful people who have more energy and power than most of us could understand. When I speak about Tiger energy with parents of children born in the Year of the Tiger, I stress that it’s important to recognize their energy as a benefit, not a diagnosis.
Steve Prefontaine was an Aquarius-Tiger and being born on the cusp of Rabbit provided him with the Tiger drive combined with the Rabbit’s graceful and charismatic style. This sign is a born leader, manager, business owner, public figure, celebrity and charismatic personality who loves sports and physical activity. This sign especially thrives on creativity and being in the outdoors. This sign sometimes appears arrogant and condescending, but their nature is kind and supportive. This sign would struggle to find happiness working as a subordinate behind a desk, in an office, or cubical, unless they were writing, designing, or creating.
I received a question from a reader of The Chronicle. He was born under the sign Aquarius during the Year of the Rabbit, on the cusp of Tiger. Very similar to Steve Prefontaine. He said he is starting a new career role this year, in sales and marketing. He wonders what to expect during this year of transition and new beginnings.
The last couple of years have been rough and unsettling for Rabbits. It’s not surprising that 2020 brings a new opportunity for this Rabbit, and the new job opportunity will be a welcome and positive new adventure. An Aquarius-Rabbit is strong, opinionated, and business-minded, but they also exhibit a gentle, soft nature when the occasion requires it.
Aquarius-Rabbits feel stress and pressure in sales. They do not feel comfortable working under the leadership of others who dictate expectations of revenue and outcomes. Aquarius-Rabbits are very well suited for management positions that involve supervising other people, but they feel anxiety in a subordinate role, when judged or evaluated by expectations designed by other people.
If the sales and marketing require this Aquarius-Rabbit to create ads and write stories or commercials, that sounds exciting and could be a great new direction for the Aquarius-Rabbit. If it’s an industry with big budget sales and marketing that requires a sensitive, gentle approach, utilizing charisma and persuasion, this sign could do very well. However, if it’s an industry that requires numerous small sales with daily demands, it could be stressful for the Aquarius-Rabbit. Aquarius-Rabbits often find themselves feeling anxiety when they are not free to move as they like and control the situations at hand.
For instance, the reader was born under the exact sign as Michael Jordan and ”Sully” Sullenberger (Aquarius during the Year of the Rabbit on the cusp of Tiger). Visualize Michael Jordan on the basketball court.
His work offers the freedom to move gracefully and powerfully around the court, taking charge, being a star using the power of his own physical and mental skills and talents. Visualize Sully Sullenberger, piloting aircraft, free to move through the sky gracefully and powerfully using the power of his own physical and mental skills. Both of these men worked within a team, similar to sales and marketing in some respects. But they were leaders in their roles. The decisions were theirs to make, in the moment.
If the reader is able to work within a creative environment in which he designs and controls the creative pressure of the situation, he could find happiness in his new role. Or, if the sales and marketing involve being in front or behind a camera, like film director Michael Cimino (Aquarius-Rabbit), the marketing would be thrilling for this reader. The job needs to offer plenty of freedom and control, preferably outdoors with plenty of space, free of judgment, and in the position of leader rather than subordinate. This sign often works well as an entrepreneur, performer, athlete, writer, creator, manager, leader of his own schedule and duties. Although 2020 will bring new, wonderful opportunities, transition is often not quick, and it can feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind, 2023 will be a wonderful year for Rabbit-born individuals!
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