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Floodplain changes may affect east side

CRESWELL – An update to Creswell flood risk boundaries is expected to roll out next month that city officials say may largely affect the east side of Creswell.
The changes in the flood map come as the City of Creswell works to get in compliance with its natural hazards and floodplain regulations. City Planner Maddie Phillips sent out 316 notices to addresses on the eastside about the proposed changes to the policy which may change the value of their property.
City Manager Michelle Amberg anticipates that FEMA will roll out its new map in March that could show a lot more dark blue on the eastside.
Residents rezoned in a high-risk floodplain would be required to pay for flood insurance if they have a federally-backed mortgage, Phillips said, noting that no lines are set in stone as they wade through a year-long process.
”We (the City) talk about policy work before people are individually affected by the change,” Phillips said. ”In this case, there are no changes yet, so everyone can talk about it as general concepts.”
The map is color-coded in accordance with levels of floodplains – land areas that are at high risk for flooding, ranging from 1% annual chance of flooding (light blue), a 0.2% annual chance (yellow) and a high-risk floodway designation (dark blue). A home in a floodplain has a 26% chance of suffering flood damage within 30 years.
Phillips said that the City is ”largely on the sidelines of these changes, trying to help people understand what their notice said, and encourages residents to take the time to inquire about the policy changes, ”because at some point, your property may be subject to the changes.”
The Creswell Planning Commision on Feb. 20 will have the first of two public hearings to discuss making changes to the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Development Code. The changes are intended to align with the county’s multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan and the State’s model floodplain ordinance. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. in McClusky Council Chambers.



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