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Anthony Hopkins, a strong silent Ox

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Actor Anthony Hopkins was born under the sign Capricorn during the Chinese lunar Year of the Ox. This astrological combination of East and West is the epitome of the characterized ”strong, silent type.”
Although this sign exhibits a serious demeanor, a Capricorn-Ox does have a cool sense of humor and enjoys fun camaraderie with close friends.
Ox-born individuals are solid, hard workers, and when earthy Capricorn is combined with the lunar Ox, this sign creates a determined, independent and stoic manner. A Capricorn-Ox can endure difficult situations, while family and friends are unaware of the difficulty or extreme challenges the Capricorn-Ox endures. The Capricorn-Ox seldom complains about hardship. He or she pushes through their challenges without a whimper.
An Ox-born has deep and sensitive feelings, but rarely discloses his or her most vulnerable emotions. This is not because the Ox is secretive or plotting, it is because an Ox-born is reticent. It is not uncommon for an Ox-born to self-medicate using alcohol, food or drugs to find peace within. They do not feel comfortable asking for help, but when repeatedly and directly asked, they may be willing to expose their feelings to an individual they trust.
However, the trusted individual with whom the Ox confides is often not the one who most needs to hear the Ox’s feelings. This is because the Ox-born does not want to worry or burden the people they love most. This creates a destructive lack of communication between them and the most important people in their lives.
The Capricorn-Ox does not feel comfortable displaying affection or flowery emotional behavior in public. It is not uncommon for an Ox to marry more than once or wait until late in life to commit. Divorce feels like personal failure to an Ox-born.
The important thing to consider when loving, living with or working with an Ox-born is that you will need to persuade them to share their feelings and encourage them to ask for help when they need it. They display a brave façade and appear happy and invincible.
An Ox-born loves deeply, but they struggle to feel that they are entitled to be loved or entitled to have fun. They often feel their role in life is to serve others and perform flawlessly at the highest level.
A Capricorn-Ox will work tirelessly to accomplish a task and goal, regardless of the difficulty. Most people understand that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and if an Ox-born can understand this and learn to share their vulnerabilities with those who love them, they will live and create a happier life for all concerned.
An Ox-born loves his or her family and friends, but is sometimes lacking in warm, fuzzy moments, which can be difficult for family and friends to understand or relate to. The Ox feels most comfortable conveying their feelings and adoration by working hard for those they love. An Ox-born believes that working hard for you should prove how much they love you, and Capricorn compounds this characteristic in an Ox.
A Capricorn-Ox needs substantial financial security to feel successful, and if the Ox struggles financially, anxiety fuels intense feelings of vulnerability.
A Capricorn-Ox would make an excellent leader, businessperson, laborer or statesman, and would be successful and dedicated in law enforcement. This sign is a fair leader, and subordinates work hard not to fail or falter, determined to perform well in the eyes their Capricorn-Ox leader.
The Year of the Rat is a lucky transitional year for the Ox-born.
I received a question from a reader of The Chronicle who was born under the sign Aquarius on the cusp of Sheep and Monkey years. She wanted to know about the personality of her new boyfriend who was born under the sign Libra-Snake and about their compatibility together.
The Libra-Snake has a graceful personality. He enjoys thinking, meditation and has refined, good taste. I’ve written about Snake-born people before, and have mentioned that they can be intense; but in this case, the combination of Libra with Snake creates a quieter, gentler soul – one who communicates with a gracious tongue rather than a venomous one.
Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel is a Libra-Snake, as are Chubby Checker and Tito Jackson. A Libra-Snake’s spirit resonates music. Libra-Snakes enjoy peace and romance, and recoil when confronted with brash behavior or arrogance.
The Aquarius-Sheep/Monkey is social and driven. They are nurturers and advocates for the downtrodden. The Sheep personality can be strategic and clever, whereas the Monkey personality is a sexy industrialist. This dynamic personality cannot rest. It is not easy being an Aquarius-Sheep/Monkey. This sign idealizes the concept of resting but cannot find the off-ramp to rest without a GPS.
The personality types between these two individuals are dissimilar. They both want long-lasting relationships, but struggle to find the one. A Libra-Snake tends to have more than one spouse throughout his life, and an Aquarius-Sheep/Monkey tends to search for perfection in a match throughout her life.
If these two signs met in their youth, I would not suggest this combination would work well; but facing retirement, in this case, the Libra-Snake could serve as an excellent GPS, guiding the Aquarius-Sheep/Monkey toward slowing down, mellowing and enjoying the scenic view on their path together. The Aquarius-Sheep/Monkey can support and inspire the Libra-Snake toward peace and security, allowing his creativity and gentle soul a safe retreat from the tumultuous and confusing world a Libra-Snake often experiences.
In this relationship, the two can enjoy the diverse beauty each brings to the other; and as the relationship progresses, it is important that neither of you expect the other to conform. Instead, appreciate the beauty and strength your partnership offers you to balance together.
I enjoy hearing from you and would like to answer your personal questions in the column. Please write with questions about yourself, lovers, family or friends. Provide the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question – including their gender – and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personality. I do not need names, and I won’t include names in the column.
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