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Wear red underwear for Chinese New Year


Chinese tradition suggests it is lucky to wear red underwear two weeks before and after the lunar new year. Jan. 25 marks the Chinese Year of the Rat. Tradition advises us to be kind and say only nice things during this period. There are several ”lucky” traditions besides wearing red underwear in the weeks preceding New Year’s Day, and I’ll share more at the end of the column.
Our celebrity profile this week features Meghan Markle, who was born in the Year of the Rooster under the sign Leo. The Leo-Rooster, and her husband Prince Harry, who was born in the Year of the Rat under the sign Virgo, were in the news this week after announcing they quit their jobs as British royalty. That’s okay, of course, but as it pertains to Chinese astrology, they chose a challenging time to do it. Your actions and behaviors during the weeks surrounding the lunar new year influence the tone of your coming year. The royal couple would likely have benefited by waiting a month or two before announcing their resignation.
We are entering into the Year of the Rat, and Roosters are faced with challenges during Rat years. The Year of the Rat is lucky for people born in the Year of the Rat, like Prince Harry. I suspect the Rooster in this story may become frustrated throughout the year, especially with finances, while the Rat will enjoy his newfound liberation and opportunities.
I received a question from a reader born under the sun sign Taurus during the Chinese year of the Rat. This Taurus-Rat feels a bit confused regarding which direction to move toward and how to balance life. She says she keeps busy, but she wants to find her ”essential” self again. She feels she has become lost over the years, and she is trying to find her way back to the happiness and joy of life.
Good news, Taurus-Rat, you are heading into a lucky year for Rats. This is a good year for the Taurus-Rat to seek new ventures, new careers, promotions, and most likely find a boost in finances. Take advantage of 2020 to improve your income. Taurus-Rats are business-minded and innovative, and you could start a new business in 2020, something that promotes your passion.
Taurus-Rats possess creative and ambitious minds. The challenge is to get your actions as motivated as your mind. You do well with the encouragement and assistance of energetic cohorts to launch new endeavors. Rats succeed with advocates or agents working on their behalf, helping Rats get their projects off the ground.
Taurus-Rats are good writers, storytellers, and enjoy time spent with others. You mentioned that you wanted to find your ”essential” self again. If you have been isolated or failing to follow your innate interest of spending time with friends enjoying fun activities and adventure, it’s a good time to reignite that social side.
Rats are interested in social justice and often become involved in law, politics and changing policies. Rats enjoy using their skills to improve others’ lives. If you haven’t been involved in social justice lately, get started; you’ll feel the difference it creates in you.
You are compatible with Ox-born people, Dragons and Monkeys; these signs also will be having an adventurous and exciting year in 2020. Taurus-Rats have a lot of social gifts to offer, so if you’ve been feeling out of balance, it may be a lack of good times spent with friends relaxing and having fun. Make a list of the things you’ve always enjoyed doing, then ask yourself if you’ve been doing those things lately.
Lucky lunar new year traditions add excitement to your celebrations. An important tradition includes utilizing the food in your refrigerator and pantries to create leftover feasts. It is important to appreciate the resources you already have, it is unlucky to waste resources, and this practice encourages abundance in the new year.
It is lucky to invite family and friends to your home for meals of happiness and abundance during New Year’s celebrations. New Year’s Day feasts often feature Chinese dumplings, spring rolls, chicken, duck, pork and fish; also share iced cake, candy and bright fruit, such as tangerines and grapes.
In the Chinese culture, red symbolizes good fortune, energy and luck. Parents and grandparents give children small red envelopes containing money for good luck. Gold is considered very lucky during the lunar new year, so if you have it, wear it, display it and enjoy it!
It is believed that what you do and how you behave during the weeks surrounding New Year’s Day will set the tone of events for your coming year. When you are kind, luck will favor you.
There are many traditions and superstitions. It’s my belief that superstitions derive from common practices that led to specific outcomes. Perhaps the tradition of wearing red underwear originated because people felt happy or amused while wearing red underwear. Traditions can be fun, and if you decide to wear red underwear during lunar new year celebrations, please let me know if it inspired happiness in you!
I enjoy hearing from all of you and would like to answer your personal questions in the column. Please write to me with questions about yourself, lovers, family or friends. Provide me with the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question, including their gender, and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally. The more specific you are in asking the question, the more specific I can be answering it. Remember, I do not need names and I won’t include names in the column.
I wish you peace and happiness!
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