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Planning Commission will propose strategy for high-density zone

CRESWELL – The Creswell City Council will hear a package of suggestions from its Planning Commission – including two that could help attract high-density development. Councilors will hear a formal presentation of the proposals at a Feb. 20 public hearing, then review them at a work session scheduled for Feb. 24; the code changes could be adopted by March 9.
The Commission’s proposals are a continuation of its efforts to respond to Creswell’s Housing Needs Analysis, which identified that 849 additional housing units would be needed by 2039 to accommodate an expected 2,021 additional people in Creswell.
The demographic estimates were published by Portland State University. Oregon has adopted the university’s research and numbers, and the state’s administrative rules around housing and development require the City to demonstrate how it’s making the best use of its land now and plans to do so in the future.
The Commission’s detailed review to Councilors at the Feb. 20 meeting will focus on five key points:
n Support the conversion of existing single-family dwellings to duplexes and triplexes
n Develop requirements for a high-density zone and implement the zone within the city limits and/or the Urban Growth Boundary
n Enhance Creswell’s infill design code (fill in empty lots within a specific area)
n Specify standards for senior housing developments
n Streamline multifamily housing development
Once the City Council has heard from the Commission, it will trigger a series of public hearings with public input. The City has provided a virtual Open House and continues to update and post information on its website.



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