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Fifty first names only …

Zachary, Aram, Dee Dee, Chelsea, Noel, Ethan and Scott: Familiar, first-name only folks celebrating the ”soft” opening for Pazzo earlier this week. Photo provided

This is the 10th and final ”50 first names only” column … 500 total names, if you’re counting.
Most of the names have come from interactions with service organizations such as the Cottage Grove Rotary, Coast Fork Kiwanis, Springfield Greeters and the Chambers of Commerce in Creswell and Springfield. The nonprofit community allowed me to meet so many people in Creswell, and provided the best insight into what this community is all about.
Of course, many people came into the newsroom or I met them throughout the area as part of my job, and that included small-business owners, local municipal employees and elected officials. I met a few people at the Round Up Saloon, too.
The most common men’s name was Chris (there were women named Chris, Chrissy and Christina, too). Scott and Tom tied for second place.
The most common woman’s name was some version of Susan, Suzanne, Su, Sue and Suzy.
And men and women shared versions of Daniel, Danielle, Dan, Dana and Dani.
Rest assured I’ll still be actively meeting new people all of the time – it’s one of the best perks of the job. I’m just not going to document it in this fashion anymore.
We advertised various office products and furniture in our Classifieds section several times during the past few months. We usually offer whatever it is for free, with a donation to the Creswell Food Pantry. Paul came in and quickly peeled off $20 for the pantry and took home a two-drawer filing cabinet.
We attended the annual Cottage Grove PeaceHealth hospital gala and fundraiser and met several people for the first time. Julie and Tom own Territorial Seed, and it was great talking newspapers and the glory days of the Cottage Grove Sentinel. I also finally met Jim, who splits his time between Cottage Grove and other places that are ideal for golfing and fishing. Lest I paint the wrong impression, I learned how selflessly and anonymously he supports the community with his wisdom, elbow grease and other resources. Trixie and Tom shared stories of adventures and a recent visit to Florida beaches.
It was a pleasure to see Marta, Matt and Tim.
I briefly discussed digital website design with Jo, and look forward to seeing how we can continue to grow chronicle1909.com to better serve readers on a daily basis. Dani and I met quickly while she was working on a project, and are scheduled to chat again about signage on The Chronicle’s front window. Dawn has been a semi-frequent visitor to our building, and I’ve enjoyed talking big-picture media and journalism with her.
Cynthia and Tom own three Liberty Tax Service franchises, including one on Main Street in Springfield. As a first-time small business owner myself, it was encouraging to hear their stories of early struggle and ultimate success as new entrepreneurs.
Travel Lane County’s Springfield office on Gateway is a terrific experience for visitors, promoting the best of the southern Willamette Valley and all of Lane County. Diana and Holly also are a delight to speak with when you’re checking it out. There are lots of cool items to purchase for friends and family that capture the beauty of our communities.
We crossed paths with Dave and Wendy recently.
The annual Big Dawg Invitational had the high school packed with people earlier this month. I was able to meet key leaders of the Mat Club such as Rachel, Phoenix and Carl. I reported on the event, and was able to speak with Ron, Buck, Bella, Daniel, Ashley, Carlos, Cain, Jose Sr., Jose Jr., Doug, Tonya and Presley.
Russ, Susan and Suzanne were folks who stopped by the newsroom and we met at an area restaurant.
It was a thrill to meet Graham, Zach, Leif and Keith in-between their sets at the Brew Station, which is part of the new Coast Fork Brewery. As always, delicious food and drink and Farrow and the Peach Leaves had a terrific groove.
Zachary has become a fast friend as he works next door at the newly opened Pazzo restaurant.
Doris, Danielle, Susan and Don came by the newsroom for various reasons, including renewing a subscription to the paper, buying an ad, and getting a document notarized.
Emily, Abby, Amanda, Darrell and Dale round out the final 50.

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