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A flick of a brush’ – Marie Newell: The artist behind the eyeliner

Marie Newell, 36, is a makeup artist, model and artist. Originally from Creswell, she now lives in Springfield and has been doing makeup professionally for 10 years. Aliya Hall/The Chronicle

CRESWELL – What does model and makeup artist Marie Newell have in common with clowns?
According to her, they both wear makeup and try to make people happy.
As reflected by her house decor, Newell has a special place in her heart for clowns. Her decor has a retro, cartoonish feel with her large Ronald McDonald head bust and gold clown bookends in the living room of her ’70s home.
It all began with a trip to the circus when she was 7 years old. She was so enamored of the clowns that afterwards her parents helped her dress up all the children in her cul de sac and throw a parade. Her parents were instrumental in their support of her; her father, Herb Newell, taught her to paint and draw at age 3, and her mother always told her she was ”never a boring child.”
Originally from Creswell, Newell, 36, of Springfield, has worked professionally in makeup for 10 years. She has done makeup all over the world and as been photographed modeling her makeup in three different magazines: Pump, Miroir and Northwest Alternative.
To Newell, the most rewarding aspects of her work are getting to know her clients and helping them improve their self-esteem.
”It’s all about how they’re feeling and being part of people’s big day,” she said.
From models to cancer patients, Newell has worked with them all.
Some of her clients are people she’s been doing makeup for since they were 14, through college to their wedding day. She taught a blind woman how to do her makeup, helped a grandma win $500 in a Halloween costume contest, and during an event when she did track athletes’ makeup, had the opportunity to do a touchup on Governor Kate Brown.
”I’ve been in so many people’s lives with just a flick of a brush,” she said.
Fuel for Newell’s endeavors often come from the artistic side of what she does. She has partnered with photographers for a sticker project, Gold Star Face Slap, whose mission is to make people take a second look; each sticker ties in with makeup she’s done on herself.
Although it’s something she’s always done, she said that doing makeup is a skill she continues to hone. She learned how to do makeup from books and experience, as well as taking classes from people she looks up to in the industry, such as John Stapelton.
Newell works for MAC Cosmetics, which has given her connections to work her skills for weddings and events. She said that it’s helped her ”make awesome friends with very talented people,” that’s allowed her to do makeup all over the world, from Germany to Monaco to Canada.
Her days are always varied, including travel, helping someone pick out a concealer or lipstick, or doing makeup for a wedding or photo shoot.
Integrity is important to Newell, which means that if she doesn’t want to claim something she won’t let it go. Even though she works in a fast-paced environment, she said that she has to be flexible and humble, especially when she has to explain in a kind way that something isn’t going to work with their eye shape.
”If they have an idea, you have to be humble and willing to be flexible,” she said. ”For art and everything, have a vision but be willing to roll with it.”
Every face provides its own sets of challenges, as well as each personality. Newell said there is also the physical component of being on her feet for 10 to 12 hours at a time in platform heels.
Like hair stylists, she said, makeup artists are treated like therapists, and even though she doesn’t like to pry into people’s lives, she always listens and gives advice based on the tattoo mantra on her wrist: Let it go.
”I’m just always trying to make cool stuff, meet cool people and have a good life,” she said. ”If I make people happy during that I’ve done a good job. I couldn’t do makeup or do art projects without a person. I’m blessed to do projects and have people down to create art with me.”



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