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Letter to the Editor – Perspective on science, drones

Dear Editor,
I would like to present my perspective on the articles from Sept. 19 in reference to the science curriculum and Mike Anderson’s drone class project at the Creswell Middle School.
I appreciate the presentation of the new science curriculum presented, but it appears it was not a presentation or a proposal, but instead on a notice of the new program that has/is going into effect – not adopted as that would take board action.
Science is one of the most important parts of school curriculum and it will never be enough I fear; a couple of years ago, our previous superintendent offered that Creslane would be getting more science, and I have not seen or heard of any change there.
The now possibly on hold drone class at the middle school was also implemented without prior notice or review by the board.
Most have overlooked that until approximately two years ago, it was part of the superintendent’s job description to “develop a plan for adopting new curriculum.”
This was ignored by the previous superintendent and not enforced by the board and now has been removed – by an ill-advised policy change in my opinion.
The drone program was a wonderful idea and made everyone smile and want to be a part of it all, but it had/ has no support in previous classes of any mechanics, physics or electronics – all of which are required background in such an endeavor.
Having an inside track on a hangar at the Hobby Field Airport is not a clear reason to adopt such a program although our program was officially in the preliminary development stage, not actually adopted.
Our new superintendent has started a strategic plan for the future, partly due to it being required for the new funding plan from the State, but also as it is the right thing to do, is my impression.
A strategic plan presented by the district is long overdue as in the last eight-plus years there has been no public workshop from the district nor the board concerning curriculum, let alone anything else.
There is a scheduled upcoming public input workshop planned and I hope that we are on the path back to the public and board cooperatively
working on a curriculum for our students based on what we need and with the community’s input for the first time in many years.
I wish I could guide everyone to view our current curriculum, but it is not available on any District website as most schools, let alone in print for easy viewing. Unfortunately, while I was on the board over two years ago, it was not available even to the board.
Mr. Johnson is a breath of fresh air to the District, with education his priority. I wish him well and hope the best for all of us, or students, parents and the community.
Whyat S. Ocumpaugh



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