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Bought or Bullied?

I’m not a detective, of course, but something isn’t right here. I’m so disappointed and saddened to the core about the decision the Springfield City Council made last Monday to rezone the Patrician Mobile Home Park.
What is the purpose of the Council and its zoning if it doesn’t mean anything?
Someone on the Council said, “If we don’t rezone it he (Mr. Boyle’s) will build anyway and close the park down right away.” And another Council member said, “We have sympathy for you people but we have this criteria to follow.”
I’m not sure what that is but I would think at this point in time it should be more about affordable housing and homeless people than an event center, a huge hotel and shops.
Threatening to get their way is the art of the wealthy, I guess. So here we are, 130 seniors and disabled, facing great monetary loss and nowhere to go. Our manufactured homes are in very livable condition. To destroy them is totally insane when there is such a need for housing.
The Springfield Planning Commission voted not to rezone. Rep. Peter DeFazio sent a letter and testified asking Council not to rezone as our city, state, and for that matter, the country is facing this crisis of no low-income housing.
I feel so crucified and I hope I can forgive at some point, but this is so hurtful to be treated this way. We pay him well to live on his land but I guess he needs more.

Name withheld by request,

[Editor’s note: Letter confirmed with author.]



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