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Through the Eyes of the Colonel:

It is past time that a solution should be found for the needless killings in schools and public places.
The fact that there are so many weapons available for mass destruction – and the ability to easily acquire them by legal means – is ridiculous.
The Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution) specifies our freedoms.
The right to keep and bear arms is our right. When this bill was ratified in the 1700s, rifles were singles-shot muzzleloaders. No automatic weapons.
Our forefathers didn’t have to contend with the stupidity of weapons of mass destruction being in the hands of people with warped, senseless ideas.
I believe the Second Amendment should be retained, but amended.
Amended to outlaw clips that hold more than a couple of rounds. If a hunter can’t get their game in one or two shots, they shouldn’t be hunting.
We need a different system for checking persons seeking to buy guns. Pistols are another problem and I don’t offer a solution for that.
I do believe that with the lack of complete police protection, responsible and knowledgeable persons should be allowed to protect their homes, as I do.
I don’t pretend to have all the solutions.
We elect people who enact the laws and if they aren’t smart enough and willing to attack this problem, then we better show more intelligence and get the right people elected to do our bidding to protect our populace and especially our vulnerable children.

Retired Col. Richard Heyman flew more than 400 combat missions as a fighter pilot.



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