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Fifty first names only …’

Finally met a few folks in May who somehow had avoided me the first two months. Barbara and Rev. Norm visited the newsroom while dropping off a letter for publication. Their presence immediately lifted morale. I have a friend whose son plays for the men’s basketball team at Gonzaga, so we talked college hoops for a bit.
Also met Su, at long last. She gave me a tour of the new library facility and made certain we got our library card applications. She and I discussed how The Chronicle and library can join forces to encourage readership in the community. It’s clear the library has grown into such a great resource; we’re happy to tag along on their initiatives, and maybe help develop a few more.
The Hope Restored program was so impressive. When I stopped by Friday, I recognized a lot of people. I chatted with Bobbie, Richard, Jayson and Misty. Great folks contributing to a great cause.
Adrian is a senior at Cottage Grove High School, and spent a few hours in the newsroom doing a “job shadow” as part of his studies. We spoke about marketing strategies – his main interest – and his plans for college and joining the family restaurant business.
Mikai took aerial photos with his drone during the citywide yard sale. If you missed it, check out his full-page picture in our May 16 edition. He’s such a bright young man, confident and smart. I got to meet his mom, Natanya, later in the day.
I met Bill during the Creswell Wellness Center’s grand opening. Also chatted with Laurel that day, and her interest in traveling to Mexico. I’ve only visited Mexico City (for work) and the pyramids in Teotihuacan (for pleasure).
Bob, the owner of Joe’s Diner, came out of the kitchen to say hello two weeks ago. I’ve been working my way through that menu, enjoying the fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and a hamburger, so far.
Fridays have become special days in our office, and not just because it signals the weekend is almost here. Murphy, a yellow parrotlet, joins us most of the time, providing upbeat chirping and boosting morale for all who work/visit here. Creswell is such a pet-friendly town; feel free to come by and bring the kids to visit Murphy.
Visitors might also spot Penelope, a Spanish water dog we call Penny.
The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has been a great way to meet people. Vonnie, Mike, Judy, Frank, Robert have the city humming, and the downtown main street is an active mix of businesses, restaurants and busy sidewalks. I went to the Greeters’ breakfast at Along Came Trudy and finally met Linda of Copy-Rite fame. It’s an early start for that breakfast, but the people are charged up. David, Patrick, LeeSa, Leighanna and Kurt were all welcoming.
Maxine helps lead Travel Lane County, and it was a thrill to meet her and a few members of her team, Steve and Melissa. They already are way ahead on planning for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials for track & field June 19-28, and the 2021 IAAF World Championships on Aug. 6-15. Get ready. It’s going to be wild.
Les got married two weeks ago, and the nuptials were handled by his spouse’s son, Eli, in a fun ceremony at the grange. Met so many terrific people there, including Doug, Tia, Donna, Kathleen, Dawn, the bride’s brother Thomas, her sister Malinda and brother-in-law Randy, just to name a few.
Tammy Sue grabbed a paper at the Round Up to see how the yard-of-the-month looked. I was seated nearby and we had a quick conversation. I guess we know where to find each other. Also met Patrick, who is in the herb and craft industry, and Scott, who told me about the Gambler 500 rally. Sounds like a cool event that helps the environment through litter clean-up.
Still meeting lots of people who pop into the newsroom, or who work nearby. Cherie was planting flowers in the giant urns on Oregon Avenue. Brenda, who sings in the Creswell choir, and Whyat, all visited for a bit.
I attended a Cottage Grove Rotary Club “after-work event” at the Pig & Turnip, where I met a bunch of people. Candace and Dennis seem to have their hands in so many important parts of life in the city. Super friendly, too. Jim was nice and it was interesting to hear his background before his banking career. A group from CASA (court-appointed special advocates) co-sponsored the gathering, informing people about the opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in children’s lives. Kelsey patiently, and enthusiastically, explained their mission. And Linda of Magnolia Arms seems to be a constant presence around the Grove; it’s always fun running into her.



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