Committee picked to screen search for superintendent

The Creswell School Board met April 10 for its regular meeting and appointed the screening committee members for the superintendent search. The board received 25 applications and needed to pick 15 to join the board — 11 administration and four from the general community.
Due to the school board being comprised of parents and members of the community already, to keep a balanced committee there were fewer candidates selected from the parent/community member applications.
Board Chair Tim Rogers showed the board his selection from the list. He explained that he went strictly off the application to keep it a level playing field.
Board Director Paul Randall said he agreed with the list and Board Director Lacey Risdal said she liked the mix of all the departments.
Board Director David Eusted said he wanted to include Mary Lou Neill on the list because she has “deep roots in the community” and he “feels like she’d be a strong screener.” Risdal added the reason he picked Shawna Bradley was her focus on early learning, but with Neill also working at Creslane with younger students they can get tenure and an early learning focus with Neill.
Rogers replaced Bradley with Neill, and the board moved onto the parents/community members.
Risdal said that it was hard to pick because if someone wanted to participate she wanted to include them all. She pointed out that Ashley Miller is a board candidate running unopposed for the position, as well as an elementary school parent, and should be on the committee.
Risdal added that she didn’t have Laura Rariden, executive director of Creswell Clubhouse, on the list because the business partnership wasn’t as critical to her as having families involved.
Rogers said that he saw value in having Miller included and switched her with Rariden.
The board also discussed switching parent B.J. Cross with Retired 4J Classified Union Representative Linda Warner, but Risdal said she didn’t want to delete a parent and the position stayed.
Board Director Kandice Lemhouse-Worsham also brought up that she didn’t know former board member Kathy Thompson and wasn’t sure if the board needed representation from a former member.
Board Director Mike Anderson countered, saying that he wanted to see Thompson because she was on the school board for 20 years and has been through a hiring process. “Her background and knowledge is a tremendous asset,” he said, adding that she also has grandchildren in the district.
The board chose the following applicants for the superintendent screening committee: Ryan Beck, Creslane administrator; Shirley Burrus, Creswell Middle School administrator; Vickie Brown, district confidential staff; Marilyn Cruzan, district confidential staff; Dawn Dean, Creslane licensed staff and union representative; Mary Lou Neill, Creslane licensed staff; Devin Pixton, Creslane licensed staff and psychologist; Rob Jerome CMS licensed staff; Sandi Green, CMS and Creswell High School licensed staff; Amanda Hoggard, CHS classified staff; Kelly Trant-Valley, CHS licensed staff; Doug Allison, parent, site council and Creslane volunteer; B.J. Cross, parent; Ashley Miller, board candidate; Kathy Thompson, former board member; and current school board members.
Board Director Natalie Smathers moved to approve the list and Anderson seconded; the motion passed unanimously.



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