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Last week, I wrote about Jim’s and my lifestyle changes while we were forced to function with one car.
During that time, he was working through some mobility issues caused by tendonitis in his hip, and those issues were compounded immensely last week when, unbeknownst to me, he fell at our store. The cortisone shot he had the day before had relieved the tendonitis pain considerably, but the next day, I noticed that he was limping again even worse than before.
He assured me that he had just done too much and had pulled a muscle. By the weekend, however, I learned of his falls. Even though we went to have dinner and play bingo at the Lorane Grange as he wanted, I knew that we needed to get him checked out. The next morning, we made a trip to the RiverBend emergency room.
Diagnosis: a broken rib and a fractured pelvis.
Let me tell those of you who don’t know him well a little bit about Jim.
All of our almost-55 years of marriage, he has been a maverick and a Superman. I can count on one hand the number of times I remember him having a cold or flu.
The only “down” times he’s had are due to injuries, which have been varied and many, and worn-out parts. Until he had his first hip replacement, he ran eight miles a day in all kinds of weather, and even completed the Portland Marathon one year. For the past 41-plus years, he has worked seven days a week at our store—the Lorane Family Store—closing only on Christmas Day, although in recent years he has cut his hours considerably. He served the Crow-Applegate-Lorane School Board for over 10 years while our children were in school.
He is the most obstinate, loving, hard-working, proud man I have ever known. He fiercely loves his family and has provided for us well, but when he needs help, he is a challenge.
These past two weeks have tested each of us as we work through negotiations about how we can get him healed without further falls and stress on the fractures which have both been declared stable and should heal on their own.
With the help of the rest of our family and the prayers from so many friends, we are working through this process of healing and I am so very proud of this man who is trying so hard to work with us. It’s definitely not an easy thing for him, but he will always be my Superman.
Reminders of local calendar events:
Sunday, April 7: Rural Art Center/Lorane
Grange-sponsored Community Talent Show, beginning at 3:00 p.m. at the Lorane Grange.

Sunday, April 14: “The Living Last Supper” beginning at 11 a.m. at the Lorane Christian Church

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