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2019 winter snow storm

There are a lot of stories being told about the recent snow storm we had and the problems we suffered, but I believe it is great that we had such wonderful service that most of the power was restored as fast as it was.
The electricity has not been available to all of us, but the linemen are doing a marvelous job, working many hours and showing real diligence.
I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to Public Works Director Cliff Bellew; I know the crew in public works also put in many hours to keep water flowing, although electric pumps had to be powered by auxiliary generators and streets had to be cleared. It couldn’t be done overnight but I believe it was done as fast as possible.
As many readers know, we – my wife and I – are truly senior citizens and not as agile as we formally were. Our neighbors made certain that we were OK and got milk for us when we ran out.
I am certain that many other seniors or people needing help got it from their neighbors and friends. Trying times such as this past week sure does bring out the good in people. Thanks to all you good samaritans.
When we lived in New Hampshire for six years – about 55 years ago – we had snow that started around the end of September and we didn’t see the ground again until May 1. This was so common that it was expected and no surprise, unlike what we had here.
When we moved here, we remembered those winters and we have always strived to keep a backload of necessary basics like canned goods, boxed cereals and soups, plus some frozen items. But we know better than to depend on freezer when the electricity fails.
Planning ahead includes: food, water, flashlight, backup heating, candles and whatever else is needed or desired. Hopefully everyone knows better than to use an unvented gas heater or propane barbecue grills indoors.
There were some accidents due to the ice and snow; although most drivers recognize the hazards involved, not all use true caution. Too many drivers think they are average or above in their ability to operate a vehicle. I have yet to meet someone that admits being below in driving skills.
Please don’t harm yourself or others by not recognizing the hazards on the roads, especially in the winter.



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