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Nutritionally Speaking: So, what’s the big deal with Keto?

As we explored in last weeks column, we have so many choices to ponder when we consider which eating plan to choose, it can make our heads spin. The latest diet that’s on fire is the Ketogenic Diet – a version of the Paleo/Primal way of eating.
Basically, the Ketogenic or ”Keto” diet is a very low carb, low to moderate protein and high fat version. There are many resources including Dr. Google that I am sure many of you have been exploring, and I want to share today an intro to this popular eating style that may be more doable and sustainable than some of the online versions, with shortcuts or hacks promising weight loss and vitality. The book we are using for our classes, The ”Keto Reset Diet,” by Mark Sisson is as much about lifestyle as it is about what we eat, with better long term results.
Mark Sisson, best know as author of the ”The Primal Blueprint” has added to his long list of books in the ”Primal Blueprint” series, his groundbreaking ketogenic diet plan that resets your metabolism in 21 days so you can burn fat forever. Many folks are guided to jump into a Keto diet directly from their typical Standard American Diet, loaded with bread, potatoes, pasta and sweet treats -.and are set up to fail big time!
Unlike many other ketogenic programs, which require challenging restrictions and deprivation or offer misinformation, Mark Sisson presents a unique two-step, scientifically validated approach for going keto the right way. He first reveals the real secret to rapid and sustained weight loss, which is in becoming ”fat-adapted” before entering full nutritional ketosis.
This process allows your body to learn to burn fat more efficiently, resulting in increased and sustained weight loss over the long-term. It takes as little as 21-days to reprogram your metabolism to start to burn fat for fuel, by ditching processed grains, sugars, and refined and unhealthy vegetable oils in favor of nutrient-dense, high fat, primal/paleo foods, including veggies, you’ll see immediate results.
Next, you’ll fine-tune with Intermittent Fasting and then, if you pass the Midterm exam, you will dive into full ketogenic eating for a further weight loss boost and improved health.
With the diet (with recipes included) outlined in ”The Keto Reset Diet,” you can eat to total satisfaction by enjoying rich, high-satiety foods and even move forward through occasional slip-ups. You’ll use keto as a lifelong tool to stay trim, healthy, energetic and free from the disastrous health conditions caused by the typical Standard American Diet (SAD).
With step-by-step guidance, daily meal plans and a recipe section with over 100 delicious keto-friendly recipes, this is a great guide to help the keto-beginner or expert understand the what, why, and how to succeed with ketogenic eating.
Mounting scientific research confirms that eating a ketogenic diet could represent one of the greatest nutritional breakthroughs of our time, and that it might be the healthiest and most effective weight loss strategy ever.
Going ”keto” by eating high fat, low-to-moderate protein and low-carb foods enables us to break free from the disastrous effects of carbohydrate dependency by resetting our metabolism and promoting metabolic flexibility: where our body learns to burns fat instead of sugar for energy, even when we go off plan.
We’ll explore more about Keto in the following weeks, but I wanted to leave space for a favorite salad recipe adapted from Sissons famous Big-Ass Salad recipe.
Yaakov’s Humongous Organic Salad
chopped lettuce, (my favorite is romaine)
grated or chopped cabbage, try red for more color
slices of red or sweet onion
chopped avocado
chopped red pepper
sliced mushrooms
a few cherry tomatoes
grated cheddar or other hard cheese (pasture raised dairy)
your favorite protein, grilled salmon, chicken (are my favorites)
lemon or lime juice
mayo or favorite dressing made with healthy fats such as avocado oil, or olive oil, no sugar added!
Note: quantity of each ingredient at your discretion
This is complicated…
Toss together your ingredients with your dressing, and en-joy!



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