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Focus on shopping locally; supporting established, new businesses

Recently there was a Facebook post on the Creswell Community Connections page asking, ”What store or business does this town need to add? (Looking for suggestions.)” There were over 200 comments in response to the question. Many comments were thoughtful and many were humorous. Who wouldn’t want a Disneyland or Mount Rushmore in Creswell? A few of them that I especially liked were the ones that recommended supporting our local businesses, getting involved in local planning meetings, suggested treating each other with patience, support and respect. Some of the business suggestions I liked were: outdoor recreation focused business, a bike shop, more activities for kids and bringing industry back to Creswell.
However, many of the comments left me shaking my head. Why would people want a Dutch Brother’s and/or Starbucks to come into Creswell when there are so many great, locally owned coffee shops and coffee stands already established here?
Some people were completely unaware of some of the businesses that have been in town for years. This probably shouldn’t surprise me as we all know that Creswell is considered a bedroom community for Eugene/Springfield. But I was surprised at citizens’ complete lack of awareness about the town in which they live. Do they ever cross I-5 and see what there is on the other side of town, depending on the side they live on? Do they just sleep in Creswell and do all of their living in Eugene?
There were also many comments saying we need more fast food and big chain grocery stores. This was disheartening for several reasons. It shows that shopping locally is not a priority for a lot of people. It also speaks loudly to how little people understand the economics and what it takes to own and operate a business. There is no way that it would be feasible for Winco to open in a town of 5,000. It’s also unrealistic to expect a small market like Farmlands to have prices anywhere near as cheap as Walmart or Winco when the big dogs have such massive buying power, their own brands and their own distribution networks. And the world doesn’t have enough fast food?
Let’s focus on shopping locally and supporting both established and new businesses.



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