Report cards released

During the Nov. 14 regular session school board meeting, the Board of Directors got an early peek at the at the 2017 to 2018 school and district report cards, which were released Nov. 15.
The report cards are the first year of implementing the new design. Board Director Lacey Risdal commented that it was easier to read, and Board Director Natalie Samthers said she preferred it the older format.
The results focus on the last academic year, and compare it with the year before. Along with statistics about each school, the report cards also list the academic state assessment, which the Creswell Chronicle wrote about on Oct. 25.
For Creslane, the median class size is 25 students – one fewer than the previous year; 80 percent of students are regular attendees, a two percent increase from the year before; and individual student progress is high in English language arts and mathematics.
Creslane has 29 teachers, 11 educational assistants and one counselor; the average turnover teacher rate is 13 percent. There are 587 students, 16 percent with disabilities and 54 percent qualified for free or reduced lunch. Two languages are spoken.
Creswell Middle School serves 287 students with a median class size of 25 students – no change from the previous year. The individual student progress is average and 88 percent are regular attendees, one percent decrease from the year before.
The school has three languages spoken, 13 teachers, four educational assistants and one counselor. Around 17 percent of students have disabilities and 49 percent qualify for free or reduced lunch. The average turnover rate for teachers is six percent.
Creswell High school has two languages spoken, 47 percent of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and 21 percent of students have disabilities. For 335 students, there are 18 teachers, five educational assistants and zero counselors. The average teacher turnover rate is 10 percent.
The median class size is 24 – no change from last year, and 82 percent of students are regular attendees with a one percent increase form the previous year. Of the senior class, 78 percent of students are expected to graduate on time, and 88 percent of students are on track to graduate.
In the district there are seven administrators, 59 teachers, 19 educational assistants, two counselors and three librarians. An average of $10,205 is spent per pupil for the 1,218 students enrolled.
The next school board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12. The public is encouraged to attend.



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