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City Council election 2018

Perhaps I am conceited, but it sure is a compliment when people come up to me and encourage me to submit my name as a write-in candidate for mayor. I truly, for the first time in my life, wish I were 10 or 20 years younger, as I believe I could do a good job for the city.
But I am not younger. I wish that whoever is elected will treat the city fairly and honestly, doing for and what the citizens want – not what the mayor or councilors think we need or desire. I hope that a change in the administration will be a correction of several years that were not in our best interests. After all, it is our city, so direct the efforts and facilities to give us truly dedicated leadership.
I suggest the council sessions be conducted properly and utilize Robert’s Rules of Order in its entirety. Furthermore, the council has suggested many times that more citizens attend the meetings. It is a case of what for?
People are never encouraged to speak or offer suggestions on any subject that is being considered. Sure you may request to speak for three minutes, but not during any deliberation. You can ask questions during the three minutes, but only the mayor can answer, and he seldom does. It is like this is his fiefdom.
If people volunteer to be on the council they have a responsibility to listen to the citizens and solicit their ideas and opinions. We have many intelligent and knowledgeable people in our midst, but the council seems to never ask for comments, help or advice from dedicated citizens. I sometimes believe that the present administration’s policy is: ”Don’t bother me with your ideas, my mind is already made up.” Sure the participation may cause the council meetings to be longer, but if you volunteer for the position, you should serve for the citizens and not just your own agenda.
I am always suspicious of people that move into a community and within a year or two have decided they are the ones to correct the problems. If you live here awhile you have the opportunity to really know what and who we are. Perhaps there are those on short local citizenship that can and will do a credible job. Hopefully we may have those people in our midst.
I really like our city, and wish to keep it a most desirable place to live and raise our families. That’s why we have lived here for years.
Am I being too critical?



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