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Gary Mounce wants to be Creswell’s mayor

Gary Mounce – Mayoral Candidate

Qualities and Qualifications:
Hello, My name is Gary Mounce and my intention is to become mayor of Creswell. I have been a resident of Creswell for over ten years, and retired as the principal of Creswell High School in 2014. I spent spent most of my career in education as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent. Summers were spent working as a woodland firefighter.
As a high school principal, I developed college prep programs as well as a strong emphasis on career technical training for high school students. For the past two years, I have served on the city council where I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges, delights and energy necessary to be a leader of our fine city.
My experience is in supervising staff, managing budgets, finance committees, administration, housing, transportation, water issues and FEMA training for emergency preparedness. My additional involvement with the city has provided skills necessary for leading the city. My education, leadership ability and experiences make me uniquely qualified to lead Creswell in a positive direction.
In addition, I graduated from Purdue University with a teaching credential, have a business degree and my masters degree is in administration from the University of Oregon. I also have a training and experience in conflict resolution, which is an asset for the position of mayor.
My recent experiences tell me that the empowerment of council committees and community members with cooperative planning is an excellent way to reach the city’s mission, core beliefs and goals. Their results will significantly improve quality of life in our city. This model with the mayor, working with city staff, community participation and Chamber of Commerce members has not diminished collaboration. Instead team building has occurred and more people feel committed to the improvement of the city. For example, a large segment of the population worked together to protest against a business that did not mesh with the values of the city of Creswell.
I have been involved or served with many varieties of boards and councils. I work well with diverse populations in both large and small groups. Some include school boards, administrative meetings, evaluation settings, forums and public fundraising activities. Other examples include:
• South Valley Recreation (Youth Sports) 1995 -1997
• Future Farmers of America (Adviser) 2002 -2004
• Parent Partnership (Family Support Organization) 1997-2001
• School Resource Officers Association 2001-2003
• Executive Board, Oregon School Association and Activities 2002-2004
• Kiwanis 2004-2006
• United Way Board,Colombia County 2007-2009
• National Coordinator for Oregon Confederation of Secondary School Administrators (COSA) 2009-2014
• Creswell City Councilor 2016 -current
In conclusion, I characterize my style as a team leader. A coach who teaches, directs and encourages. I endeavor to develop full potential in people, to encourage them to accept challenges, to prepare for success. I strive to produce quality work from others and myself. My efficacy is a measure of how well things are going along the leadership trail where one always need to observant,aware and prepared.
I believe others see me as an active professional who seeks input from those who are directly affected by my decisions. I value thoughts and idea from others as we work together to develop common goals in a shared direction. I communicate effectively and openly with the community, demonstrate good public relations skills, am accessible and listen with an open mind, enthusiastically interact with people and possess strong written and verbal communication skills. In addition, I demonstrate a high level of personal and professional honesty, integrity and ethics. I establish high levels of trust, respect programs in place and community values, desire long term involvement with the city of Creswell and possess a good sense of humor.
I look forward to serving the citizens of Creswell.

Endorsed by Brandi Wittenborn, Heather Buch, Scott Finley and Jerri Lee Wilson Chisholm.



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