Handle fish with care during hot summer weather

Angler at Shellrock Lake, Roaring River Wilderness. High elevation lakes are a good spot to fish for trout during summer. IMAGE PROVIDED

As temperatures rise, fish (especially coldwater species like trout) feel the heat, too.
Anglers can do their part to reduce the stress fish are under. This is especially important when fishing in waters that include native fish that may be released.
Follow these tips to help fish:
∙Fish early in the day when water temperatures are cooler.
∙Look for trout in deep, high elevation lakes or shaded streams near headwaters. These places are often cooler. More about high lakes fishing.
∙Use appropriate gear and land fish quickly. The longer the fight, the less likely the fish will survive.
∙Keep the fish in the water when you unhook it and cradle the fish upright until it revives enough to swim away.
∙Use your judgement. If conditions where you want to fish seem especially severe (low, hot water), consider fishing somewhere else where water conditions are better.



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