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I wouldn’t do business with those who fail to keep their word

Last fall, prior to the election, the proponents of the marijuana initiative assured the City of Creswell that they would pay for the special election (if they lost).
On Jan. 16, 2018, the city submitted a bill for the reimbursement to cover the cost for the special election. The amount was $2,691.04.
So far, the losers have not paid us, the city, one nickel. This demonstrates just what sort of people they are, certainly – they haven’t kept their word.
I don’t believe they ever planned on paying up, they were so sure they’d win. I wouldn’t want to do any business with persons that do not keep their word. Of course, I wouldn’t be buying their product (marijuana) anyhow, nor would I consider using any of their professional services.
Another subject: As the city has grown and new enterprises have come here in the last several years, I am surprised that we haven’t had any of the dining facilities expand into really upscale restaurants. We have good food prepared by our restaurants – Mexican, a bakery, Chinese, Thai, American style, quick food, etc. – but nothing really approaching a formal restaurant. Even the small community of Pleasant Hill has a delightful establishment with Old World charm and great food.
This would be an opportunity for an expansion or new establishment in Creswell.



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