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Chronicle welcomes new columnist, Martin Gaiter Here to discuss all the things that make you go ‘Hmmm!?

Hello Creswell and southern Lane County. Martin Gaiter, a.k.a. Marti Gee is here to discuss the things that make you go Hmmm!?
I have spent my life building experiences in the military, the media, marketing and sales. I have jumped into conflict management training both at the job site and where you live. I am a relationship change avenger and very glad to be a part of the community. Currently I am a business technology consultant, connection specialist and relationship/business coach.
I engage those around me under the m-I-stimulus (my stimulus) header.
As a relationship change avenger, my goal is to empower you to get to where you need and want to go in the easiest way possible. So, I know what you are thinking. Lots of words and what do they mean? Simply put: You are the ”I” in m-I-stimulus.
I have found over the years that although there are a bunch of choices for those looking for training and help, I have discovered that many times that help equals getting you out of your way. One of my favorite things you will probably get tired of hearing me say is, ”What’s the question behind the question?”
I believe in people and the power they possess to figure new or complicated things out on their own. I also believe that time is a finite resource, meaning you only have so much of it. So why burn what little time you have trying to figure it out on your own? Raise your hand and get some help.
We are taught as children to ask for directions, ask for permission and ask for help. Why does this have to stop when we become an adult? The simple answer is, ”It shouldn’t.” In my experience, both personally and professionally, here in the states and overseas, adults are no different than kids. We, as adults, have more tools to hurt ourselves and each other. These tools are called ”past experience.”
So, how do I take the ”I” and apply it to you? You have the power to get there. You will figure it out. Ask yourself if you have enough disposable time and understanding to figure it out on your own. I will be providing some unique insight to things that make our minds spin.
Every week, I will be taking questions and giving you information that will help in business and personal relationships and business technology. One of my clients calls me ”The Human Search Engine.” Many times I find myself being a very loud version of Tom Hanks’ character Josh Baskin in the movie ”Big.” I am always that guy that is not afraid to say ”I DON’T GET IT.” I tend to find out that there were a bunch of others that didn’t get it either.
What are you wondering about today? What don’t you get? Who is mad at you? Who made you angry? (I will change all names to be discreet.)
Send questions to the Creswell Chronicle, or find me on Facebook.
For all things business: https://www.facebook.com/youcandoyou/.
For relationships, I have developed a forum for my book and discussion on a brand-new relationship theory I created: https://www.facebook.com/choosemymovie/.



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