A new beginning for Creswell Christian education this September

A new beginning for Christian education is getting ready to commence in September. The word “beginning” can carry many different meanings with it, along with a healthy amount of excitement, questions and perhaps even skepticism.
A basic human truth is that trust must be earned. A new school occupies a particularly vulnerable position until trust can be firmly established, in time. Another basic human truth is that nothing can be established…until it is established.
A school, specifically a Christian school, is composed of much more than how new or old it is, who occupies the leadership seats, who sits in the desks and who stands before the classroom teaching. Those are the bones or frame of a school, no doubt an essential part of the school body. However, what breathes life into a Christian school’s frame is the purpose of its existence, and the heart and spirit that are driving the school being created in the first place.
Creswell Christian Academy is not intended to replace or restore Christian education in Creswell. There has been a wonderful school faithfully and steadfastly standing in that gap for decades. The purpose of creating CCA is to continue Christ-centered education in Creswell. Nothing more and nothing less. This is new life, the beginning of something wonderful. We have the frame in place, and we have sought deeply the guidance of the Holy Spirit which will infuse the Academy with purpose, and thus with life.
We at CCA take earning your trust very seriously. While this may be a new school, it will be filled with qualified leaders with combined decades of experience in their specific roles. We realize the decision to send your child to any Christian school, much less a brand new one, is an act of faith on your part. We are ready for the challenge of earning your trust, and we are looking forward to welcoming your child with open arms, as we work together to fulfill the purpose for which the school exists, which is celebrating Christ and challenging the next generation to higher things.



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