Serving Springfield, Creswell, Cottage Grove and Pleasant Hill with hyper-local news and information.
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The Chronicle is the oldest, locally owned newspaper in the southern Willamette Valley. Published weekly by Nash Publishing Group, the tabloid newspaper focuses on hyper-local coverage from Cottage Grove to Creswell to Springfield and other local communities. The cross-platform publishing company – which also owns, Emerald Valley Magazine, and the annual Emerald Valley Almanac – is on the cutting edge of super-serving readers and online viewers with both utilitarian and unique and differentiating content.

Phone: 541-515-6233

Owner & Publisher: Noel Nash - [email protected]

Co-owner and Operations Manager - [email protected]

Executive Editor: [email protected]

Sales: Jessica Lemmon - [email protected]

Social Media & Marketing: Jessica Lemmon - [email protected]

Sports & Entertainment reporter: Ron Hartman - [email protected]

Business reporter: Michael Dunne - [email protected]

General inquiries: [email protected]

First published on Sept. 30, 1909.