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Data Center: Public Safety – Week of March 7


DV investigation uncovers child porn, drug-making

SPRINGFIELD – In June of 2023, SPD officers began investigating Shawn Wilder, 34, of Springfield in relation to domestic violence allegations. Thanks to the work of those involved, Wilder was arrested in October of 2023 for Assault, Menacing, and Coercion.

Through the initial investigation, it was further discovered that Wilder was in possession of child pornography. Additionally, Wilder was found to be in possession of approximately 34 pounds of illicit psilocybin mushrooms. Wilder was manufacturing and delivering the illegal substances within 1000 feet of Springfield Elementary School.

On Feb. 22, Wilder was taken into custody without incident and lodged at the Lane County Jail for the charges of Encouraging Child Sex Abuse I x 10, Encouraging Child Sex Abuse II, and Manufacturing/Delivery of Controlled Substance I within 1000 ft of a School.

LCSO assists with animal abuse case

■ On Friday, Feb. 28, Lane County Sheriff’s deputies responded with Lane County Animal Services to the 34400-block of Highway 58. LCAS had received complaints of malnourished animals from area residents. The owner of the animals, Raina McKenzie Ott, was known to be on probation from a 2020 conviction for 11 counts of Animal Neglect in the Second Degree in which she was sentenced to 60 months of probation.  While LCAS typically does initial contact on animal neglect cases, LCSO assisted due to the likely probation violation and criminal neglect of the animals.  

Deputies contacted Ott at the residence and discovered several malnourished cows and emaciated companion animals living in deplorable conditions. Several decomposing cow carcasses were also found. LCAS rehoused the companion animals and is working with Ott to remove the remaining cows from the property. Possession of the cows and companion animals was in violation of her probation as well.  

Ott was cited in lieu of custody for Animal Neglect in the First Degree, Animal Neglect in the Second Degree, and Contempt of Court. 

SPD executes ‘high-risk’ search warrant

SPRINGFIELD – On Feb. 28, multiple assets from the SPD executed a high-risk search warrant near the 100-block of 16th Street. Out of an abundance of caution, SPD officers suspended traffic in the area for a brief period of time. SPD staff are investigating at this time and further information may be provided at a later date.

Two-car accident results in multiple injuries

SPRINGFIELD – On Feb. 27, at 7:02 p.m., SPD received a call reporting a vehicle traffic incident with injury in the 7300-block of Main St. Responding officers found a two-vehicle head-on collision, with seven passengers between the two vehicles. All seven were transported by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment.

The injuries sustained varied from minor to serious – including life-threatening.

– Chronicle staff reports


MONDAY, FEB. 26 (70 total calls) 

Top calls: Traffic stop (9) , Dispute (9), Theft (9)

8:51 am: Theft, 230 4th St.

9:13 am: Suspicious conditions, 333 58th St.

9:29 am: Disorderly subject, 305 E St.

9:37 am: Recovered stolen vehicle, 536 S. 42nd St.

10:05 am: Burglary, 303 S. 5th St.

10:11 am: Theft, 5995 Main St.

11:50 am: Suspicious conditions, 230 Main St.

12:18 pm: Theft by deception, 146 17th St.

12:50 pm: Theft, 1471 Mohawk Blvd.

1:17 pm: Theft from vehicle, 3528 Gateway St.

1:41 pm: Theft from vehicle, 102 30th St.

5:58 pm: Disorderly subject, 1460 G St.

6:59 pm: Theft, 1843 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

8:27 pm: Criminal mischief, 1210 Mohawk Blvd.

10:40 pm: Unlawful vehicle entry, 1769 Brandy Way

TUESDAY, FEB. 27 (71)

Top calls: Traffic stop (9), Theft (6), Criminal trespass (5)

6:45 am: Dispute, 363 Lindale Dr.

8:06 am: Hit & run, M St./Carter Ln.

9:40 am: Theft, 563 66th St.

10:19 am: Burglary, 648 Quinalt St.

11:45 am: Robbery, 1526 Main St.

12:11 pm: Hit & run, 2220 Nugget Way, Eugene

12:15 pm: License plate theft, 3000 Gateway St.

12:21 pm: Hit & run, 131 S. 69th Pl.

1:00 pm: Theft by deception, 2659 Olympic St.

1:00 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

1:29 pm: Hit & run, Marcola Rd./19th St.

2:40 pm: Criminal trespass, 554 19th St.

3:23 pm: Hit & run, Franklin Blvd./E. 19th Ave., Eugene

3:29 pm: Suspicious subject(s), 425 10th St.

6:09 pm: Criminal mischief, 4017 Camellia St.

8:05 pm: Criminal mischief, 2810 Gateway St.

9:55 pm: Dispute, 203 S. 40th Pl.

11:59 pm: Theft, 1327 7th St.


Top calls: Dispute (7), Traffic stop (5), Suspicious conditions (4)

9:30 am: Fraud, 58th St./Main St.

10:28 am: Mail theft, 332 58th St.

12:07 pm: Hold-up alarm, 3100 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy.

5:28 pm: Suspicious conditions, 705 52nd Pl.

5:33 pm: Theft of services, 3111 Gateway St.

5:47 pm: Theft, 2750 Gateway St.

6:26 pm: Shot(s) fired, 4531 Franklin Blvd., Eugene

THURSDAY, FEB. 29 (61)

Top calls: Criminal trespass (8), Disorderly subject (6), Traffic stop (5)

12:45 am: Driving while suspended, 1920 Olympic St.

1:12 am: DUII, 4202 Main St.

7:06 am: Criminal trespass, 3333 Riverbend Dr.

1:53 pm: Stolen vehicle, 6531 E St.

2:02 pm: Theft by deception, 1210 Mohawk Blvd.

2:59 pm: Dispute, 181 S. 14th St.

3:38 pm: Criminal mischief, 42nd St./Main St.

3:42 pm: Stolen vehicle, 2470 Pheasant Blvd.

7:17 pm: Burglary, 220 S. 42nd St.

8:28 pm: Hit & run, Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy./Hayden Bridge Way

8:58 pm: Disorderly subject, 889 Oakdale Ave.

9:02 pm: Burglary, 4563 Aster St.

11:17 pm: Theft from vehicle, 3480 Hutton St.

FRIDAY, MAR. 1 (73)

Top calls: Theft (10), Traffic stop (9), Criminal trespass (9) 

12:41 am: DUII, 5807 Main St.

8:58 am: Forgery, 1481 D St.

10:02 am: Theft, 840 A St.

10:03 am: Forgery, 1725 5th St.

10:43 am: Hit & run, 2816 Main St.

12:35 pm: Runaway(s), 622 S. 57th Pl.

12:39 pm: Illegal dumping, 7148 A St.

12:40 pm: Theft from vehicle, 1139 E St.

1:26 pm: License plate theft, 392 Q St.

1:40 pm: Hit & run, 1950 Mohawk Blvd.

2:48 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

3:01 pm: Hit & run, 1510 Mohawk Blvd.

4:00 pm: Criminal mischief, 3550 Gateway St.

4:27 pm: Reckless driving, 735 I-105 EB

4:42 pm: Criminal mischief, 1144 Gateway Lp.

5:17 pm: Theft, 2750 Gateway St.

5:42 pm: Criminal trespass, 115 S. 5th St.

6:13 pm: Criminal trespass, 2750 Gateway St.

7:22 pm: Criminal mischief, 3000 Gateway St.

8:04 pm: DUII, Bob Straub Pkwy./Mt. Vernon Rd.

8:42 pm: Theft, 6 W. Q St.

9:48 pm: Dispute, 5236 Main St.


Top calls: Traffic stop (17), Dispute (6), Disorderly subject (5)

1:50 am: DUII, 1836 S. A St.

6:21 am: Stolen vehicle, 5415 High Banks Rd.

9:34 am: Fraud, 1735 J St.

12:17 pm: Recovered stolen vehicle, B St./Pioneer Pkwy. E.

1:51 pm: Theft from vehicle, 875 7th St.

5:17 pm: Theft, 1805 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

5:53 pm: Theft from vehicle, 2130 Marcola Rd.

7:45 pm: Theft, 2525 Olympic St.

9:45 pm: Criminal mischief, 581 S. 53rd St.

11:08 pm: DUII, 58th St./E St.

SUNDAY, MAR. 3 (57)

Top calls: Traffic stop (7), Theft (4), Suspicious subjects (4)

2:51 am: DUII, Mohawk Blvd./I-105 WB

3:25 am: Criminal mischief, 919 Kruse Way

8:41 am: Damaged city property, Mill St./A St.

10:28 am: Criminal trespass, 1550 Q St.

11:07 am: Driving while suspended, 36th St./E St.

1:29 pm: Fraud, 650 Mill St.

1:40 pm: Hit & run, 735 I-105 EB

2:03 pm: Missing person(s), 5495 A St.

3:11 pm: Menacing, 668 Cloverleaf Lp.

3:45 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

4:16 pm: Disorderly subject, 1243 Rainbow Dr.

5:46 pm: Stolen vehicle, 4885 Aster St.

8:27 pm: Theft, 2659 Olympic St.

11:42 pm: Wrong-way driver, 3264-block Gateway St.



12:45 am: Suspicious vehicle, 85 Emerald Pkwy.

10:34 am: Burglary, 400 D St.

10:41 am: Suspicious conditions, 99 W. F St.

2:54 pm: Suspicious conditions, 390 Melton Rd.

5:25 pm: Training, 13 S. 1st St.

6:49 pm: Dead subject, 300 N. 1st St.


9:18 am: Suspicious vehicle, 100 Almond Way

10:19 am: Hit & run, 150 Melton Rd.

10:51 am: Suspicious conditions, A St./N. 2nd St.

10:53 am: Locate missing person, 700 N. Mill St.

11:08 am: Suspicious conditions, 100 N. 3rd St.

12:17 pm: Check welfare, 700 N. Mill St.

12:33 pm: Illegal camping, 48 S. 1st St.

7:27 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 345 E. Oregon Ave.

9:29 pm: Suspicious conditions, 345 E. Oregon Ave.


2:01 pm: Harassment, 33390 Niblock Ln.

2:12 pm: Suicidal subject, 1169 Ash Grove Lp.

3:48 pm: Illegal camping, S. 1st St./C St.

4:51 pm: Litter, 48 S. 1st St.

5:13 pm: Traffic hazard, N. Harvey Rd./Leah Ln.

9:10 pm: Disorderly juvenile, 900 Odom Ln.


8:34 am: Check welfare, 298 E. Oregon Ave.

10:21 am: Criminal mischief, 500 D St.

12:05 pm: Illegal parking, 345 E. Oregon Ave.

1:24 pm: Menacing, 345 E. Oregon Ave.

4:28 pm: Disorderly juvenile, 298 E. Oregon Ave.

4:48 pm: Overdose, 247 Melton Rd.

5:45 pm: Dog at large, 300 N. 2nd St.

6:00 pm: Child abuse, 298 E. Oregon Ave.

6:24 pm: Violate restraining order, 400 Morse Ave.


7:38 am: Criminal mischief, 500 D St.

10:50 am: Stolen vehicle, 200 Sunday Dr.

4:31 pm: Dispute, 100 S. 2nd St.


1:26 pm: Runaway, 389 Art Lott Ln.

5:02 pm: Criminal mischief, 500 D St.


2:12 am: Suspicious conditions, W. Oregon Ave./5th St.

9:46 am: Suspicious vehicle, S. 1st St./C St.

8:15 pm: Prowler, 200 N. 1st St.



11:07 am: Criminal Mischief, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.

11:40 am: Fraud, 1600-block S. 9th St.

12:33 pm: Dog at large, 700-block S. 7th St.

1:43 pm:  Welfare check, 1500-block Village Dr.

2:46 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 1000-block Jackson Ave.

3:37 pm: Dog at large, 1500-block E. Main St.

5:15 pm: Theft, 800-block Gateway Blvd.

6:28 pm: Disturbance, 1500-block E. Main St.

9:30 pm: Nuisance vehicle, 2500-block E. Main St.

10:41 pm: Theft, 900-block Row River Rd.

11:19 pm: Disorderly Subject, 100-block N. 6th St.


12:37 am: Nuisance vehicle, 1700-block Belmont Ave.

8:21 am: Abandoned vehicle, 1700-block Bryant Ave.

9:02 am: Harassment, 900-block Row River Rd.

10:27 am: Criminal mischief, 300-block S. S St.

11:20 am: Abandoned vehicle, 200-block N. 9th St.

3:31 pm: Fraud, 1500-block Jason Lee Ave.

4:48 pm: Child neglect, 600-block S. 10th St.

6:41 pm: Harassment, 300-block Quincy Ave.

6:48 pm: Disorderly subject, 1700-block E. Main St.

9:28 pm:: Welfare check, 400-block Main St.


5:27 am: Death investigation, 500-block Patrick Lp.

8:39 am: Disorderly subject, 600-block E. Washington Ave.

12:07 pm: Fraud, 900-block S. 14th St.

2:26 pm:: Abandoned vehicle, 1100-block Villard Ave.

2:47 pm: Vehicle impound, 100-block, N. 7th St.

2:56 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 1400-block Ash Ave.

3:10 pm: Fraud, 400-block E. Main St.

3:46 pm: Child neglect, 900-block Arthur Ave.

4:32 pm: Child neglect, 800-block S. 10th St.

8:18 pm: Disturbance, 200-block Gateway Blvd.

8:43 pm: Dog at large, 400-block N. 16th St.


4:26 am: Fire, 700-block S. 8th St.

7:09 am: Abandoned vehicle, 700-block S. 8th St.

10:28 am: Illegal camping, 3000-block Row River Rd.

4:27 pm: Disturbance, 300-block Oregon Ave.

5:28 pm: Dog at large, 1700-block Clark Ave.


1:20 am: Disorderly subject, 400-block N. Douglas St.

9:03 am: Abandoned vehicle, 1300-block W. Harrison Ave.

3:07 pm: Theft, 1100-block E. Chamberlain Ave.

3:41 pm: Suspicious subject, 100-block N. 7th St.

4:30 pm: Trespass, 100-block S. 2nd St.

4:43 pm: Dog at large, 1300-block Main St.

5:16 pm: Theft, 100-block Ostrander Ln.

5:55 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 1200-block Ash Ave.

7:45 pm: Disturbance, 30000-block Row River Rd.

8:45 pm: Abandoned vehicle, 900-block S Ct.

9:21 pm: Suspicious subject, 600-block E. Washington Ave.

10:30 pm: Theft, 1200-block Hwy. 99


12:22 am: Suspicious conditions, 1100-block Riverfront Way

7:12 am: Suspicious vehicle, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

8:49 am: Suspicious vehicle, 900-block Row River Rd.

12:30 pm: Theft, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

12:45 pm: Criminal mischief, 100-block 6th St.

1:56 pm: Dog at large, 200-block Gateway Blvd.

5:04 pm: Vicious dog, 1300-block Main St.

5:47 pm: Theft, 1200-block Hwy 99

9:56 pm: Stolen vehicle, 900-block Row River Rd.


1:54 am: Suspicious vehicle, 300-block S. River Rd.

2:12 am: Suspicious conditions, 200-block S. 5th St.

6:32 am: Suspicious vehicle, 200-block Gateway Blvd.

8:50 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1200-block N. River Rd.

8:54 am: Dog at large, 1100-block S. 10th St.

9:02 am: Death investigation, 200-block S. 22nd St.

12:49 pm: Harassment, 1300-block Main St.

4:07 pm: Theft, 500-block Gateway Blvd.

7:45 pm: Assault, 1000-block E. Washington Ave.


MONDAY, FEB. 26 (165 total calls)

Medical responses: 133

2:40 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 18262 I-5 SB, Creswell

3:12 pm: Car accident with injury, Bob Straub Pkwy./Daisy St., SPR

3:26 pm: Car accident with injury, 40th St./Industrial Ave., SPR

7:16 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 34474 McKenzie View Dr., SPR

TUESDAY, FEB. 27 (152)

Medical responses: 123

7:01 pm: Car accident with injury, 73rd St./Main St., SPR

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28 (147)

Medical responses: 213

12:29 am: Carbon monoxide alarm, 26006 Vista Dr., Veneta

10:13 am: Structure fire, 3333 Riverbend Dr., SPR

12:39 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 16811 I-5 SB, CG

9:00 pm: Electrical problem, 77940 Hwy. 99, CG

10:42 pm: Priority transport, 1460 G St., SPR

THURSDAY, FEB. 29 (195)

Medical responses: 156

4:27 am: House fire, 725 S. 8th St., CG

6:28 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 16th St./Q St., SPR

1:07 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, S. 46th St./Main St., SPR

3:44 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 18196 I-5 NB, Creswell

4:37 pm: Flue fire, 34218 Scott Rd., CG

7:34 pm: Smoke from a structure, 41496 McKenzie Hwy., SPR

FRIDAY, MAR. 1 (168)

Medical responses: 135

6:51 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Sears Rd./E. Saginaw Rd., CG

8:30 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 41st St./Main St., SPR

SATURDAY, MAR. 2 (151)

Medical responses: 124

6:27 am: Assault with injury, 5415 High Banks Rd., SPR

2:13 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, S. 67th St./Main St., SPR

3:16 pm: Car accident with injury, 17472 I-5 SB, CG

9:14 pm: Illegal burning, 83000-block Rattlesnake Rd., Dexter

SUNDAY, MAR. 3 (158)

Medical responses: 129

5:22 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 90324 Marcola Rd., SPR

5:13 pm: Electrical problem, 1140-block 1st St., SPR

8:41 pm: Subject down, Hwy. 58/MP11, Dexter

11:31 pm: Car accident,  injury unknown, 16800 I-5 NB, CG


FEB. 13

■ New China Sun, 3260 Gateway St., SPR. Score: 63

■ Taco Latino, 152 Main St., SPR. Score: 95



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