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Data Center: Public Safety – Week of Feb. 22


Fatality near Mohawk

SPRINGFIELD — An early morning vehicle crash on Feb. 18 resulted in a fatality on near Mohawk Blvd. At 2:38 a.m. Springfield Police were dispatched to a two-vehicle traffic crash on Highway 126 eastbound, just west of Mohawk Blvd. Preliminary investigation revealed that a 2000 Honda Civic entered the highway from Mohawk Blvd., traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes. The Honda was struck head-on by a semi-truck pulling a trailer. The driver of the Honda was declared deceased at the scene. The names of the involved are withheld, pending family notification. Witnesses to the crash are encouraged to call SPD. 

Family dispute leads to homicide

SPRINGFIELD — Police are investigating a homicide on Aster Street, after shots were fired within a family home, leaving one dead after an apparent family dispute.

On Feb. 15 at 3:51 p.m., Springfield Police officers and detectives responded to a residence in the 4600 block of Aster Street regarding a shooting. Officers found three family members in the home; one had died due to a gunshot wound.  Jack Edward Smith, 89, of Springfield, was taken into custody without incident and lodged at the Lane County Jail for the charge of Murder II.  Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact SPD at 541-726-3721. 

K9 nabs impaired driver

SPRINGFIELD — A Springfield man was arrested after being chased down by a K9 following a an attempted traffic stop. On Feb. 14, a Lane County Sheriff’s deputy attempted a traffic stop in the 4500 block of Franklin Boulevard. The vehicle drove into an RV park and the driver fled on foot. Eugene and Springfield Police responded with deputies and set a perimeter. K9 Bruno was deployed, and less than 10 minutes later he located the suspect, Cody Wallace Hanstad, of Springfield. Hanstad showed signs of impairment and was arrested without further incident.  He was lodged at the Lane County Jail on charges of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, Reckless Driving, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer (by foot), and Driving While Suspended – Misdemeanor.   

Drone helps with arrest of armed suspect

MARCOLA — Lane County Sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 12 used drone technology to help safely arrest an armed Marcola man accused of menacing. At about 4:30 p.m., deputies responded to a report of menacing in the 37000 block of Parsons Creek Road in Marcola. The suspect, Shane Leroy Doyle, 51, pointed a firearm at several victims during a dispute before leaving in a vehicle. En route to the call, deputies spotted Doyle’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Doyle pulled over, started driving again, then stopped in the area of Marcola Road and Hayden Bridge Road, refusing to exit the vehicle. Deputies observed the interior of the vehicle from a distance with a LCSO drone. Doyle was armed with a pistol, rifle, and shotgun in the vehicle. He often was holding the handgun or had it in the seat next to him. LCSO Crisis Negotiation Team contacted the suspect by phone and de-escalated Doyle from his suicidal statements and threatening behavior, convincing him to surrender. After more than an hour of negotiation, Doyle was safely taken into custody.  He was lodged at the Lane County Jail on four counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon and four counts of Menacing.  

Assault suspect arrested after shooting in Glenwood

GLENWOOD — Around noon on Feb. 10, Lane County Sheriff’s deputies were at McKenzie Willamette Hospital on an unrelated case when a nurse advised there was a victim with a gunshot wound on the way to the emergency room. The victim had sustained life-threatening injuries from a high-powered air rifle. Several witnesses arrived with the victim and cooperated with the investigation. The incident occurred in a gravel area east of Henderson and East 24th avenues. Deputies located the suspect, Robert Lyle Piper, 66, of Eugene, and monitored his movements with a Sheriff’s Office drone. Deputies, troopers, and officers moved in and safely arrested the suspect without further incident. Piper was lodged at the Lane County Jail for Assault in the First Degree. Additional charges may be filed as the investigation is ongoing. The victim is in stable but critical condition. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the LCSO at 541-682-4150, option 1.


MONDAY, FEB. 12 (76 total calls)

Top calls: Traffic stop (16), Theft (8), Dispute (8)

12:14 am: Driving while suspended, Bob Straub Pkwy./S. 57th St.

12:22 am: DUII, J St./Mohawk Blvd.

5:36 am: Fraud, 3521 Gateway St.

8:34 am: Criminal trespass, 5505 Main St.

9:34 am: Mail theft, 588 32nd St.

10:40 am: Mail theft, 940 Cloverleaf Lp.

11:52 am: Theft, 1401 21st St.

12:06 pm: Forgery, 1840 Main St.

12:06 pm: Hit & run, Mohawk Blvd./Olympic St.

12:30 pm: Missing persons, 715 53rd Pl.

1:06 pm: Suspicious conditions, 1300 Hayden Bridge Rd.

1:08 pm: Theft, 532 C St.

2:24 pm: Dispute, 5676 Main St.

3:38 pm: Theft from vehicle, 5658 Main St.

4:03 pm: ID theft, 161 19th St.

5:37 pm: Theft from vehicle, 926 Anderson Ln.

TUESDAY, FEB. 13 (66)

Top calls: Criminal trespass (9), Traffic stop (8), Dispute (8)

7:42 am: Criminal trespass, 4217 Main St.

8:37 am: Assault, 218 41st St.

8:52 am: Criminal trespass, 1111 Gateway Lp.

9:11 am: Theft by deception, 5335 Main St.

9:40 am: Fraud, 460 Lindale Dr.

9:55 am: Theft, 887 Oakdale Ave.

10:19 am: Criminal trespass, 554 19th St.

10:35 am: Assault, 326 Centennial Blvd.

11:15 am: Burglary, 2252 33rd St.

11:16 am: Criminal trespass, 1792 Centennial Blvd.

11:21 am: Dispute, 2777 R St.

11:32 am: Hit & run, 3333 Riverbend Dr.

12:01 pm: Theft from vehicle, 1920 Olympic St.

1:34 pm: Criminal mischief, 6238 Main St.

2:10 pm: Theft, 4199 Main St.

3:22 pm: Disorderly subject, 875 7th St.

4:02 pm: Illegal dumping, 6330 Main St.

5:13 pm: Suspicious conditions, 658 S. 57th St.

7:17 pm: DUII, Main St./14th St.

8:27 pm: Theft, 2730 Gateway St.

10:55 pm: DUII, Beltline Rd./Gateway St.


Top calls: Traffic stop (13), Abandoned vehicle (13), Dispute (6) 

1:19 am: Missing persons, 715 53rd Pl.

2:06 am: Dispute, 123 U St.

9:30 am: Forgery, 1875 Main St.

11:44 am: ID theft, 3255 Gateway St.

3:47 pm: Theft, 425 10th St.

7:25 pm: Hit & run, 2730 Gateway St.

8:11 pm: Criminal trespass, 2730 Gateway St.

10:41 pm: Fraud, 589 Harlow Rd.

THURSDAY, FEB. 15 (84)

Top calls: Traffic stop (11), Abandoned vehicle (9), Criminal trespass (7)

1:19 am: Burglary, 2221 6th St.

7:43 am: Missing persons, 1098 55th Pl.

10:20 am: Violation of city ordinance, 404 S. 37th Pl.

10:43 am: Fraud, 4192 Camellia St.

11:31 am: Hit & run, Mohawk Blvd./G St.

12:02 pm: Criminal trespass, 3125 Gateway St.

1:23 pm: Towed vehicle, 28th St./Main St.

1:23 pm: Reckless driving, 780 S. 28th St.

3:39 pm: Theft, 2389 Dubens Ln.

3:52 pm: Gunshot wounds, 4637 Aster St.

4:35 pm: Criminal trespass, 1891 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

4:39 pm: Theft, 1891 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

4:41 pm: Hit & run, Main St./48th St.

5:28 pm: Runaways, 1283 30th St.

5:31 pm: Dispute, 631 W. Quinalt St.

6:59 pm: Criminal trespass, 355 S. A St.

7:28 pm: Locate missing person, 230 4th St.

9:52 pm: Illegal dumping, 869 W. Centennial Blvd.

10:13 pm: Dispute, 588 32nd St.

10:55 pm: Person stop, 760 A St.

11:52 pm: Theft, 4095 Main St.

FRIDAY, FEB. 16 (84)

Top calls: Traffic stop (19), Criminal trespass (9), Driving while suspended (6)

3:11 am: Reckless burning, 225 5th St.

3:54 am: Criminal trespass, 3521 Gateway St.

11:38 am: Criminal trespass, 2487 Pheasant Blvd.

12:45 pm: Fight, 326 Centennial Blvd.

2:23 pm: Theft by deception, 1120 Fairview Dr.

2:27 pm: Civil standby, 317 30th St.

5:08 pm: Criminal mischief, 1040 Harlow Rd.

6:10 pm: Burglary, 1950 2nd St.

6:53 pm: Hit & run, Glenwood Blvd./E. 17th Ave., Eugene

8:36 pm: Burglary, 2975 Centennial Blvd.

9:30 pm: Theft, 6 W. Q St.

9:39 pm: DUII, S. 42nd St./Bluebelle Way

SATURDAY, FEB. 17 (85)

Top calls: Traffic stop (19), Dispute (7), Criminal trespass (6)

12:37 am: Stolen vehicle, 5040 E St.

1:25 am: DUII, 26th St./C St.

6:11 am: Criminal trespass, 1460 G St.

8:07 am: Driving while suspended, I-105 WB/52nd St.

8:35 am: Criminal mischief, 1891 Pioneer Pkwy. E.

8:44 am: Criminal trespass, Main St./Mill St.

10:09 am: Unlawful vehicle entry, 504 E St.

11:19 am: Hit & run, I-105 EB/Pioneer Pkwy. W.

1:23 pm: Illegal dumping, 1357 5th St.

6:47 pm: DUII, 58th St./D St.

8:46 pm: Driving while suspended, 5000-block Main St.

9:56 pm: Criminal trespass, 2750 Gateway St.

11:32 pm: DUII, 49th St./Main St.

SUNDAY, FEB. 18 (65)

Top calls: Traffic stop (11), Criminal trespass (10), Suspicious conditions (4)

1:57 am: Reckless driving, 14th St./Main St.

6:30 am: Recovered stolen vehicle, 36th St./Main St.

8:14 am: Criminal mischief, 111 Main St.

8:25 am: Theft from vehicle, 2006 D St.

8:47 am: Recovered stolen vehicle, 2315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Eugene

9:47 am: Menacing, 325 S. 37th St.

11:06 am: Criminal trespass, 3033 Gateway St.

11:16 am: Criminal mischief, Pioneer Pkwy. E./Q St.

12:25 pm: Suspicious conditions, 1521 Mohawk Blvd.

12:49 pm: Missing persons, 782 66th St.

12:53 pm: Forgery, 4011 Main St.

2:12 pm: Suspicious conditions, 916 5th St.

2:36 pm: Theft, 1920 Olympic St.

3:04 pm: Theft, 3333 Riverbend Dr.

6:58 pm: Dispute, 475 Lindale Dr.

7:33 pm: Criminal trespass, 355 S. A St.

9:09 pm: Criminal trespass, 4221 Main St.

9:18 pm: DUII, 117 S. 14th St.

10:21 pm: Hit & run, Mohawk Blvd./G St.



8:40 am: Subpoena service, 100 N. 3rd St.

10:13 am: Check welfare, 100 Robin Ct.

1:17 pm: Illegal camping, S. 1st St./C St.

3:20 pm: Dispute, 300 Pebble Beach Dr.


1:31 am: Suspicious conditions, 83301 Dale Kuni Rd.

11:18 am: Business check, 150 Melton Rd.

12:42 pm: Check welfare, 700 Kings Row

4:42 pm: Suspicious conditions, 100 F St.

5:41 pm: Criminal mischief, 265 E. Oregon Ave.


3:57 am: Suspicious vehicle, S. 2nd St./W. F St.

9:30 am: Violation of city ordinance, 400 Art Lott Ln.

10:15 am: Sexual abuse, 13 S. 1st St.

2:16 pm: Restraining order, 400 Morse Ave.

6:49 pm: Court, 13 S. 1st St.

9:15 pm: Violation of restraining order, 400 Morse Ave.

10:36 pm: ATL drunk driver, E. Oregon Ave./I-5


11:39 am: Suspicious conditions, Creswell area

2:23 pm: Suicidal subject, 33390 Niblock Ln.

2:43 pm: Disoriented subject, 100 W. Oregon Ave.

4:46 pm: Trespassing, 500 D St.

4:46 pm: Subject down, E. Cloverdale Rd./I-5


7:09 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Melton Rd./Emerald Pkwy.

8:12 am: Disoriented subject, 83501 Melton Rd.

10:21 am: Disorderly subject, 700 S. 2nd St.

2:16 pm: Criminal mischief, 96 N. Mill St.

5:00 pm: Illegal camping, S. 5th St./D St.

10:48 pm: Dispute, 149 S. Front St.


1:01 pm: Patrol requested, 600 F St.

7:27 pm: Check welfare, 122 N. 3rd St.


3:24 am: Suspicious vehicle, 150 N. Mill St.

1:19 pm: Holdup alarm, 100 Niblock Ln.



1:48 am: Unlawful entry into vehicle, 1500-block Village Dr.

12:50 pm: Death investigation, 2000-block S. 8th St.

1:59 pm: Suspicious conditions, Hwy. 99/ N. River Rd.

8:53 pm: Harassment, 400-block N. 9th St.

9:25 pm: Disturbance, 700-block Gibbs Ave.


1:02 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1st block S. M St.

1:12 am: Welfare check, 900-block W. Main St.

9:00 am: Traffic hazard, 200-block S. M St.

9:06 am: Trespass, 400-block E. Monroe Ave.

9:58 am: Abandoned vehicle, 1000-block Pritchett Pl.

12:14 pm: Barking dog, 900-block Kristen Way

2:04 pm: Welfare check, 100-block Crestview Terr.

3:40 pm: Fire, 1400-block N. Douglas Ave.

4:30 pm: Assault, 1st block Karen Ct.

4:52 pm: Child neglect, 1000-block Tyler Ave.

5:59 pm: Disorderly subject, 100-block S. 7th St.

6:06 pm: Disorderly subject, 900-block Main St.

11:31 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 1000-block Hwy. 99


3:23 am: Trespass, 100-block N. 14th St.

7:48 am: Theft, 3000-block Shoreview Dr.

7:59 am: Welfare check, 800-block Main St.

10:57 am: Abandoned vehicle, 1000-block Grover Ave.

11:49 am: Theft, 1600-block Gateway Blvd.

1:08 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 1300 block S. 8th St.

1:32 pm: Dog at large, 800-block Quincy Ave.

4:38 pm: Hit & run, 600-block N. 14th St.

5:25 pm: Disorderly subject, 1000-block Gateway Blvd. 

17:41: Abandoned vehicle, 900-block Benjamin Ave.

7:28 pm: Child neglect, 300-block Grant Ave.

8:22 pm: Suspicious vehicle, 900-block N. 16th St.

10:45 pm: Nuisance vehicle, 1st-block N. 7th St.

11:33 pm: Welfare check, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.


3:11 am: Suspicious conditions, 1200-block Gateway Blvd.

9:46 am: Welfare check, 100-block Gateway Blvd.

10:28 am: Welfare check, 1700-block Main St.

11:11 am: Abandoned vehicle, 1100-block Chestnut Ave. 

11:31 am: Suspicious vehicle, 1200-block S. River Rd.

11:54 am: Burglary, 1000-block Villard Ave. 

11:06 pm: Hit & run, 900-block Main St.

11:54 pm: Welfare check, 1500-block Main St.


12:23 am: Criminal mischief, 900-block Row River Rd.

6:52 am: Welfare check, 700-block Gibbs Ave.

7:42 am: Suspicious vehicle, 900-block Row River Rd.

8:04 am: Burglary, 500-block Gateway Blvd.

8:29 am: Welfare check, 1000-block N. 16th St.

9:06 am: Traffic hazard, 1300-block Harrison Ave.

10:02 am: Theft, 400-block Main St.

12:49 pm: Found dog, 1000-block Thayer Ave.

1:55 pm: Fraud, 1200-block Riverfront Way 

3:28 pm: Theft, 2000-block Main St.

4:21 pm: Dog at large, 1600-block Daugherty Ave.

5:31 pm: Theft, 900-block Row River Rd.

6:10 pm: Vehicle crash, 1500-block Harvey Ln.

7:29 pm: Disturbance, 1200-block Birch Ave.


6:53 am: Fire, 1300-block S. 6th St. 

10:10 am: Trespass, 1000-block S. 4th St.

10:28 pm: Vehicle crash, 30000-block Row River Rd.

11:44 pm: Suspicious subject, 1700-block Main St.

11:55 pm: Welfare check, 1500-block Edison Ave. 

11:56 pm: Welfare check, 1500-block Gateway Blvd.


12:46 am: Suspicious subject, 200-block Gateway Blvd.

1:05 am: Assault, 30000-block Nichols Ln.

3:39 am: Stolen vehicle, 1100-block Lord Ave.

6:53 am: Suspicious vehicle, 900-block Main St.

8:11 am: Suspicious conditions, 800-block Monroe Ave.

9:38 am: Warrants, 200-block N. 12th St. 

11:36 am: Welfare check, 1200-block S. 13th St.

6:58 pm: Trespass, 900-block Main St.

10:59 pm: Welfare check, 1500-block Main St.


MONDAY, FEB. 12 (170 total calls)

Medical responses: 150

4:57 pm: Smoke from a structure, 1100-block 38th St., SPR

6:28 pm: Brush fire, N. Enterprise Rd./N. Morningstar Rd., Pl. Hill

TUESDAY, FEB. 13 (162)

Medical responses: 130

2:43 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 1557 Hwy. 99, CG

3:41 pm: Check for smoke, 1520 Gateway Blvd., CG

5:19 pm: Flue fire, 448 37th St., SPR

7:16 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, Main St./14th St., SPR

7:23 pm: Brush fire, 4261 Franklin Blvd., SPR

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14 (156)

Medical responses: 127

7:28 am: Car accident, injury unknown, London Rd./Latham Rd., CG

9:39 am: Down line, Butte Rd./Ruby Clair Dr., Creswell

4:48 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, 77561 Hwy. 99, CG

7:53 pm: Vehicle fire, 82602 Howe Ln., Creswell

THURSDAY, FEB. 15 (180)

Medical responses: 154

10:00 am: Gas leak, large structure, 1210 Mohawk Blvd., SPR

2:52 pm: Appliance fire, 82687 Sprague Ln., Dexter

5:55 pm: Illegal burning, 82229 Rattlesnake Rd., Dexter

FRIDAY, FEB. 16 (183)

Medical responses: 139 

3:12 am: Trash bin fire, 225 5th St., SPR

7:11 am: Car accident, injury unknown, Melton Rd./Emerald Pkwy., Creswell

3:26 pm: Assault with injury, 326 Centennial Blvd., SPR

6:11 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, Hwy. 99/E. Harvey Rd., Creswell

6:39 pm: Car accident with injury, 81887 Davisson Rd., Creswell

10:27 pm: Brush fire, Deerhorn Rd./Dowdy Ln., SPR

SATURDAY, FEB. 17 (163)

Medical responses: 125

6:56 am: Odor investigation, 1330-block S. 6th St., CG

10:21 am: Barkdust fire, 5541 Ivy St., SPR

10:29 am: House fire, 76998 London Rd., CG

7:34 pm: Trash bin fire, 8th St./A St., SPR

10:28 pm: Car accident, injury unknown, Row River Rd./Shore-view Dr., CG

SUNDAY, FEB. 18 (186)

Medical responses: 161

2:38 am: Car accident, injury unknown, 615 I-105 EB, SPR.

2:24 pm: Assault with injury, 250 F St., SPR

8:12 pm: Electrical fire, 1163 Custom Way, SPR


JAN. 30

■ Fast Lane Coffee, 5746 Main St., SPR. Score: 95

JAN. 31

■ The Human Bean, 160 S. 14th St., SPR. Score: 100

■ Dutch Bros Coffee, 222 S. 5th St., SPR. Score: 89

FEB. 1

■ Ocean Garden Restaurant, 5676 Main St., SPR. Score: 82

■ Los Faroles (Mobile), 355 S. A St., SPR. Score: 90

■ McDonald’s of Thurston, 5701 Main St., SPR. Score: 90

■ El Buen Taco Taqueria, 2147 Main St., SPR. Score: 95

FEB. 2

■ Giant Burger, 3760 Main St., SPR: Score: 97

■ Los Faroles, 355 S. A St., SPR. Score: 85

FEB. 5

■ El Pique Mexican Food, 1870 Main St., SPR. Score: 95

■ Lee’s Mongolian Grill, 215 Main St., SPR. Score: 94

■ Courtyard By Marriott (restaurant), 3443 Hutton St., SPR:   Score: 100



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