Water safety tips for summer

Two of Oregon’s 34 wild and scenic rivers run right through Springfield, offering numerous water recreation opportunities. The Willamette River, McKenzie River, and their tributaries are enticing in the hot summer months, but these are fast-moving, dynamic waterways that need to be explored with caution.

Life jackets are for everyone
• People of all ages and abilities can benefit from wearing a life jacket. Life jackets should be worn by everyone when entering dynamic waterways and be the proper size to keep you safe.

Beware of hazards
• Hazards like large rocks, trees, branches, and other debris can often stay hidden under the surface.

Stay alert
• Keep a close eye on children when near water and be on the lookout for potential hazards. Avoid alcohol and substances that impair reaction times and the ability to make decisions when near bodies of water.

Remember: Waterways are always changing
• Water depth, speed, temperature, and obstacles change throughout the week, month, and year. Water between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit can cause cold shock and make it difficult to breathe



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