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In response to ‘flags on overpass’

Dear editor

I am sorry, but I must take offense to Dolald Ehrich’s June 30 letter to the editor. He is correct with all of his quoting of “rules and regulations.” The flag being hung on overpasses is not soliciting anything … but pride.

My time in the army sent me around the world a couple of times, to many different countries, in addition to a stint in the rice paddies of South-East Asia. And yes, I have solemnly knelt on a knee and handed a carefully folded flag to a grieving widow and mother!

Everytime I see a flag flying, on a flagpole, car window, on an overpass, from a tree, in a window in a home, painted on a barn, and even “the back of a pickup truck” it gives me great pride to see my flag.

I fly my flag year around on a pole lit, and other patriotic things on the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day – and any other day that I feel compelled. If Mr. Enrich doesn’t like seeing the flags on overpasses that much, then feel free to drive on Highway 99. God Bless the USA!

-Clint Heath Creswell



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