Letters: Creswell mayor race, misdirected anger

A call for city councilors, residents to support Stram

Dear Editor:

Like most people in Creswell I’m very dismayed by the division and hostility being expressed in our “Friendly City.”

Two mayors resigning in less than a year. Uncivil discourse without respect for our elected leaders, which even threatens their safety. Our next mayor will be appointed by the city councilors, not by a vote of Creswell citizens and it will be a year and a half before the next election. Fortunately Dave Stram has decided to apply for the position. We are so fortunate to have Dave – who has been elected mayor by the citizens three times – and now is willing to step up again. 

I’m writing to the city councilors to urge their appointment of Dave Stram. He has responded to conflict before by listening to different sides of an issue, treating people with fairness and respect, and bringing people together. 

I hope you will email the councilors and let them know of your support for Dave and our city government.

Steve Carmichael, Creswell 


An ‘open letter’   to Dave Stram

On behalf of my wife and myself we wish to thank you for offering to serve, if elected, as mayor of Creswell. I am a retired CPA and have served on and/or audited numerous non-profit boards, task forces and committees. I highly support the role of good governance within an organization or municipality. Your past experience speaks for itself, and Creswell is very fortunate to have someone such as you who is willing to step up when called.

Thank you. May the Force be with you.

– Bill Griffith, Jr., Creswell


A case of misdirected anger

Dear Editor:

Anger flared in Creswell Nov. 1, 2020, July 4, 2021, and July 24, 2021. In November the anger was directed at social justice demonstrators supporting Black Lives Matter. 

In July the anger was directed at the City of Creswell over parade permitting. 

I understand feeling angry over unsafe and draconian work conditions, loss of buying power, corporate manipulation, and the loss of freedoms that comes with denser population and increased personal conflict.

However, anger directed at civil servants, elected officials, retail workers, and minorities is misdirected and ineffectual. 

Channel your anger toward the cause, draconian managers, business owners and corporations, join with your fellow workers to gain more control in your workplace. 

When you and your fellow workers have control of the workplace you’ll have more control over the economy and thereby the politics, and your life will be better.

Ed Gunderson, Creswell

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