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New mom curious about baby’s sign

I received a question from a new mom whose son was born eight weeks ago under the sun sign Capricorn, during the lunar Year of the Rat (Metal Rat year). Individuals born during the Year of the Rat are likeable and easygoing. They work hard and they save their hard-earned cash. Capricorn-Rats are especially careful with their money, and they do not like to gamble with it. They are collectors and tend to save everything that catches their fancy; and they will most likely categorize it, label it, and admire it frequently. 

A Capricorn-Rat is less outgoing than other Rat-born individuals, but they are wise and speak tactfully. Rats enjoy friendships, and Capricorn-Rats maintain long-term friendships, enjoying the security a close relationship offers. Individuals born during the Metal Rat year can become jealous and possessive of those close to them. Metal Rat-born are also more emotional than other Rats, and more principled. They can be charming and appear happy, even when they are feeling angry or emotional.  

As a child, a Rat-born will take care of his interests and will not allow his siblings to receive more than him. Capricorn-Rat children are loveable and affectionate, they enjoy groups and socializing, and they do not enjoy being left out or left alone. It is important for parents and family members of Capricorn-Rat children to remember, and prepare, to provide plenty of attention to this little one. Capricorn-Rats enjoy food, reading, learning, and are likely to keep their toys and belongings in order. 

Famous Capricorn-Rats include basketball player LeBron James, actor Jude Law, actor Clancy Brown, and actor Hector Elizondo.



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