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How compatible are horses, rabbits together?

A reader asked me this week if the man she just started dating would be compatible with her in a long-term relationship. She is born under the sun sign Gemini during the lunar Year of the Rabbit, and her new beau was born under the sun sign Scorpio during the lunar Year of the Horse. 

The Gemini-Rabbit loves her home and family, she is a hard worker and oftentimes a perfectionist. She loves her children and pets, she supports her partner and coworkers, and when she marries, she intends it to be forever. A Gemini-Rabbit needs tranquility in her life. She expects her partner to be successful and a good provider. She needs her home to be stable and peaceful. She can put up with a lot, including bickering and discord, but it takes a toll on her health. 

A Scorpio-Horse likes to be involved with strong, powerful people who work together for a common goal. He doesn’t like sitting at home, he keeps busy and doesn’t do well when expected to be accountable for his time or his activities. Many Horse-born individuals are fun-loving and carefree. The Scorpio-Horse is more serious than most Horse-born, but he usually keeps high spirits, even in tough situations, and he knows how to turn on the fun-loving side when it suits his needs and goals. A Scorpio-Horse likes to win and have things his way. He thrives in situations that change and evolve; he would not enjoy working in a cubical doing repetitive tasks. Horses need to run free without reins. If you try to saddle a Scorpio-Horse and force him down a path he does not want to follow, you will have a bronco on your hands.

Is this couple a compatible match? A Gemini-Rabbit enjoys working in a team, she enjoys socializing, vacations, parties, and entertaining. The Scorpio-Horse also enjoys those things. They both enjoy being parents and having a close family. However, their personalities may clash, but if the Rabbit can understand that the Horse needs to spend time away from the family and she should not try to force him to account for his time or his activities, this match could work. 

The Scorpio-Horse should understand that his Gemini-Rabbit wife needs peace and harmony in her home. He will need to leave his intense energy outside and use his inside manners when he returns home to the family.

Actress Angelina Jolie was born under the sign Gemini-Rabbit and Chef Gordon Ramsay was born under the sign Scorpio-Horse. 

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