County recycling program underway

Lane County Waste Management began a six-month pilot project that seeks to improve the quantity and quality of recycling at apartments, condominiums and multi-tenant properties.

 Some of the 2,000 households in the pilot may be wondering: “Who is that peeking into garbage and recycling containers?” It’s BRING Recycling’s waste analyst staff. They are recording data about how much trash is in the recycling and how much recycling is in the trash.

 Large, durable tote bags have been delivered to each household as the pilot began. The bags are emblazoned with recycling instructions and will provide a way for residents to collect their recyclables and transport them to the waste areas without using plastic bags – which don’t belong in mixed recycling.

After giving households a few weeks to get into new habits, each waste enclosure in the pilot will be visited for a second round of data collection. Comparing the results of the two waste studies will help confirm the value of the bag as an effective educational resource. A third review of each waste enclosure this spring will help determine whether those new habits stuck around.

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