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Statement from Lane County Commission


Residents in Springfield attend a flag-raising event in November 2020 for Veteran’s Day.

Statement from Lane County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Berney in response to today’s events in Washington, D.C.:  


What we are witnessing in our nation’s Capitol does not represent the United States of America. It is not who we are.

 The actions of this angry mob amount to nothing short of sedition and an attempted coup against our democracy. It is the direct result of hateful rhetoric and dangerous demagoguery spread through social media instead of thoughtful debate and respect for the constitutional electoral process.

 As Americans, we should all be concerned. It is a terrible example for our children and grandchildren to be witnessing, and rest assured they are watching. 

 Our country is built upon the principles of a democratic republic in which each vote is counted and respected, and which guarantee a peaceful transition of power. This insurgency in Washington is not a protest. It is a disgraceful and dark moment in our history.

 Patriotism is voting. Patriotism is the courage to tell the truth. We cannot let this lawlessness and refusal to accept valid election results become our new normal.

 It is time for every leader from every political party at every level of government to say enough is enough. A free and fair election occurred two months ago, and the results have withstood numerous recounts and court challenges. It is time to accept the results and to move forward. 

 I urge every resident in Lane County to join me in denouncing the attempted coup in Washington, D.C. and the lesser attempts at our own state capitol today.



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