Local entreprenuer creates spritz to keep cloth masks fresh

CRESWELL – Robert Baguio says he’s always been an “idea guy,” with all kinds of cool and practical products popping into his head. His latest idea is more than just a passing fancy – he already has taken it to market in a matter of weeks. 

“It’s moved really fast,” Baguio said Sunday. “It’s important to not only have a great idea, but then getting it quickly into the marketplace is crucial.”

Baguio, a former Sales representative for The Chronicle and longtime member of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce “Greeters,” took note early on how important it was to wear masks, and how uncomfortable many people seemed to be with them. 

He said he wanted to create a product that helped people keep the facial covering, already a little awkward to wear, fresh and uplifting.

Mask Spritz is a cloth mask refresher and deodorizer. Baguio said the spritz is mixed with essential oils that are known to help with anxiety, improved focus, relaxation and calmness. He said it also fights microbes and helps boost the immune system throughout the day. 

The product comes in four blends: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Four-Season.

Baguio said he had plenty of help developing and manufacturing the spray, with Marci Flores helping in all aspects of development and James Korth of Brilliant Digital for designing his business page on Facebook.

Besides Facebook, order at 541-953-5836.

“Everyone’s wearing masks, and working and eating and doing all sorts of things throughout the day,” he said. “It’s only natural that people would want to freshen up their cloth masks.”



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