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Tiger concerned about nature and wildlife

We will soon begin profiling local public figures occasionally in this column, getting to know the wonderful people who serve our communities by discussing their lunar signs.

 I had planned to begin this week by profiling Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing; however, I’ll save Mayor Gowing’s profile for a future column and use this week’s column to answer a reader’s question about her young daughter’s reaction to the recent fires and loss of wildlife and nature. 

The young lady is 10 years old and was born during the lunar Year of the Tiger. Her mother says her daughter is taking the loss of nature, especially wildlife, very hard. She wanted to know if there is anything she could do to soften the emotional impact of this tragedy for her Tiger-born daughter. 

Most children have affection for animals, and it’s natural to worry and feel compassion and empathy for innocent animals caught in the fires. Tiger-born individuals feel an innate connection to nature, especially animals. 

I’ve written about Tiger-born individuals in this column before. They are happiest when they are outside in nature with the blue sky above them, flowers and trees surrounding them, and small, cute animals sharing their lives. As a child, they have a natural bond with animals and nature, as if the animals resonate within their heart and connect within their souls. 

For this young lady, the loss due to the recent fires is still fresh in her heart. She may feel helpless and overwhelmed by what she imagines the wildlife and forests suffered during the fires.

One of the best ways to work through a trauma is through altruism. Tiger-born individuals are strong and resilient, good managers and leaders, compassionate activists, and energetic.

This young Tiger-lady might find solace by becoming involved in wildlife conservation and activism. She may gain a sense of purpose by offering her services to help in the efforts to support wildlife and nature. She could join a group or be the founder of a group of children who work to raise money for animals who have suffered. She might find happiness becoming involved with planting new trees or volunteering to bring awareness to the plight of wildlife during natural disasters. 

Tiger-born individuals need to take action. If they ruminate, they increase their suffering. Tiger-born individuals need to feel they are making a difference and affecting our world in a positive or patriotic way. 

Wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin and her father Steve Irwin were both born during the Year of the Tiger.

The key for this Tiger-born young lady might be to stop thinking about the suffering and take action to do something positive to help heal those who are suffering. This could be a therapeutic endeavor for the Tiger-born and the entire family.

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