Constructing positive thoughts around the house …

Pat Edwards

LORANE — Despite the constrictions put upon daily life, Jim and I are finding ways to celebrate these past couple of weeks. 

I’ve mentioned in previous columns that we have been in a state of “disaster” since last January. All of a sudden, what I thought was a large window in our family room with a leaky seal, was actually a leaking roof that had caused water damage to the whole backside of our house. 

The restoration process has been a long series of jobs taking place both inside and outside our home. I won’t go into further detail, but our insurance company’s homeowners policy has proven to be a good one and most of the work has been covered, thank goodness.

We now have a whole new roof on our house, new gutters, and as of last Tuesday, the walls on the five affected rooms are all taped, textured, and painted, the blinds and curtain rods have been re-hung and other items removed from the walls have been reinstalled.

I opted to repopulate the rooms with the removed furniture and contents myself so that I could go through everything and only put back what I still wanted to keep. I’m feeling a wonderful sense of accomplishment after so much frustration.

The whole process of getting this done through the pandemic has been somewhat of a concern.

Thankfully, the various workers assigned to work inside the house were careful and courteous, working inside zippered tents and when not in them, wearing masks and staying at a distance.

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