How to keep kids busy based upon their signs

During this time of social distancing, families with kids are spending more time inside their homes or apartments together. 

Over the past month, I have received questions from parents wondering if I have suggestions to help kids stay busy and happy based on their astrological signs. I also received questions about how compatibility, or incompatibility, between lunar signs could affect the household’s peace and tranquility. 

Some signs are very compatible and naturally blend well together, creating a harmonious environment. Some signs are incompatible, and it requires more effort to find harmony. Sometimes, harmony is not likely to occur, but understanding the personality traits of battling kids can help parents understand why their kids battle, and it can offer parents peace in knowing their parenting skills are not the reason for the havoc. 

Many years ago, when I worked in Los Angeles, I discussed Chinese astrology with elementary school teachers. They often wanted to know what to expect from the classrooms of children who would begin the new school year. I began speaking to teachers after one teacher shared her feelings of frustration and exhaustion. She had planned to retire at the end of the year, because she was not happy teaching anymore due to unruly children. She said it felt like children had changed over the two decades that she taught. She said her current students were rowdy and aggressive, and she spent more time dealing with the classroom’s social issues than with the academic ones. I asked her in what years were her current students born, and we determined her classroom of children were born during the years of Ox and Tiger. She claimed the boys in the classroom were the greatest challenge, and she taught fifth grade.

The teacher had been teaching for 20 years. We discovered throughout her entire years of teaching, she had never before taught Ox and Tiger children. We determined that her first year of teaching included a classroom of children born during the years of Rabbit and Dragon, a lovely group that set the tone for her career. In her current class, she said she had never before encountered a collection of so many students with so much energy and aggression. It is not to say that a classroom of Ox and Tiger children is bad, but it can overwhelm a teacher who never before experienced so much power and potential in one small room, all day, five days per week.

I was glad she shared her feelings with me. I explained the power of an Ox child and how they have little patience with energetic, uninhibited Tigers. The two signs could become great friends as mature adults, they balance each other’s strengths, and they encourage each other to try new approaches.

The Tiger encourages the Ox to explore fun adventures and take risks, and the Ox challenges the Tiger to choose a path or goal and stick with it. However, as children, Ox and Tiger boys often settle their differences by fighting and arguing. 

I encouraged the teacher to hang in there. Give it another year before retiring. We discussed the lunar signs of the children who would soon be making their way into her classroom over the next few years. She trusted me and decided to wait on retirement. I gave her some tips regarding how to accommodate the needs of her Ox and Tiger classroom. She appreciated learning the reason behind her students personalities and behaviors.

A couple of years later, this teacher and I met again. She was happy, her anxiety had subsided, and she told me I was right. The following two years of students were much easier, and their pleasant temperaments were a joy to engage with daily; and she was still teaching.


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