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Disney sought to create utopian land

Walt Disney was born under the sign Sagittarius-Ox. He created Disneyland, ”The happiest place on Earth.” I’ve always admired Walt Disney for the vision and entrepreneurial spirit that motivated him to create a world of fun, adventure, and awe as his lifelong career path.
Ox-born are strong, determined leaders, and many Ox-born go into politics and dictatorship. Ox-born become involved with local government and homeowner’s associations. They want to control the environment in which they live, to make it better, safer, and beautiful.
However, I have found that Sagittarius-Ox men and women seek to create whimsical places for people to escape the bitter and dangerous world, preferring to uplift people with the precious and positive aspects of our planet, inspiring happiness in others.
Sagittarius-Ox men and women love to lead and win, like other Ox-born, but they don’t have the same drive as other Ox-born to conquer, own, or win through war or politics. Instead, Sagittarius-Ox people tend to create innovative environments of peace and beauty, even if it is limited to their own home, their yards, on their land, and in their neighborhoods.
Sagittarius-Ox born love nature, spending time outdoors, among animals, plants, flowing water, and living in fairytales of beauty and friends. All Ox-born would like to lead the world, but a Sagittarius-Ox seeks to create a utopia that makes sense, without judgment or pain, and inspires happiness, inclusivity, beauty, and fun.
Sagittarius-Ox born want to be viewed as the boss or the leader of the beautiful places they create, but they don’t want to be the leader of a cruel or harsh world. Tyra Banks is a Sagittarius-Ox, and I recently heard an interview describing a new ”land” she is creating in southern California called Modelland. Creating a new innovative land sounds like something a Sagittarius-Ox would do. Perhaps she will consider how her Modelland will offer a beautiful world of innovation and fun, without becoming too commercial and expensive for the average person to visit.
A reader of The Chronicle asked questions about her parents. Her father was born under the sign Scorpio-Rat and her mother is a Sagittarius-Rat. She asked about their strengths based on their signs, and she wondered if her parents would soon have a good year.
Good news, your Rat-born parents will both have a good year in 2020 (the Year of the Rat). Challenging years and smooth years cycle over a 12-year pattern, and in partnerships, when both individuals are born under the same lunar sign, they both experience a challenging year at the same time, doubling the challenges. In many partnerships, when each partner’s sign is different from the other, they have a natural balance, offering them a buffer during challenging years. In this case, both Rats experience the same pattern of cycles as the other every year, without a balance of luck. Neither is able to buffer the other’s challenging year.
During 2020, when Rat-born are experiencing a lucky year, both can equally prosper, which offers the partnership an excellent opportunity to move ahead fearlessly, utilizing the Rat luck collectively. It’s an important time for this Rat partnership to focus their intentions and create as much success as possible during this mutually lucky year.
This year, Rats should find that their finances will improve, and if they are seeking new career opportunities or income advancement, they will be able to successfully find it this year.
One very important thing to keep in mind, Rats need an agent or advocate to work on their behalf. Rats do not possess a boastful personality, they aren’t smooth at blowing their own horns, and they need others to promote their reputation for them. They are wonderful people with kind hearts and good intentions. Rats work hard to reach their success based on their talents and skills, rather than their charm or charisma. Rats are capable and willing to work hard, but they are not skilled at speaking up for themselves. They make great lawyers, for instance, and can fight on behalf of others, but they often struggle to speak up for themselves or push their own personal projects.
2020 would be a good year for a Rat partnership to look beyond themselves, seek support from successful businesspeople or advocates, asking for help and guidance to launch new ventures or support their efforts. Ox-born advocates would be ideal for this mission. Ox-born are also experiencing a lucky year in 2020, and Ox-born are strong, sensible businesspeople, investors, and leaders. Ox and Rat partnerships are compatible and mutually supportive of each other.
The reader also asked about her parents’ strengths based on their signs. The Scorpio-Rat father is strong, strategic, competitive, determined, and is naturally able to handle confidential information. He would make a good lawyer, police detective, or spy. Country music singer Brad Paisley and Prince Charles are Scorpio-Rats. The reader’s Sagittarius-Rat mother is outgoing, cheerful, and fun. This sign enjoys being social and is a good judge of character. Her instincts lead her interactions with others. She would make a good manager or judge. Actresses Julianne Moore and Alyssa Milano are Sagittarius-Rats.

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