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Johannes Kepler theorized lunar astrology

Astrology attracts controversy and is sometimes stigmatized. Some consider astrology ridiculous, taboo, a superstition. Others consider it valuable for offering reliable insight by describing personality traits and compatibility.
Scientists use astrology to predict oceanic tidal patterns, weather and other environmental trends. However, scientists do not refer to their use of the information as ”astrology.”
Most people would agree that there have been scientific discoveries through the ages that were resisted and considered taboo – the Earth being sphere-shaped, for example; evolution; and Johannes Kepler’s (Capricorn-Sheep) astrological theories pertaining to tides and the gravitational influence of the moon.
It is reasonable to believe that there may be other relevant and important discoveries still pleading for vindication, and I believe lunar astrology will someday be utilized in the scientific community as it pertains to personalities and behavioral characteristics.
For instance, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was born under the sign Cancer-Ox. Princess Diana, Malala Yousafzai, President Gerald Ford (R-MI), and attorney Elizabeth Edwards were also born under this sign. This is a strong sign, indicating intelligent crusaders of change, but they often are viewed as meek. A Cancer-Ox must consider their public image during an election; it is important in their efforts to gain a following.
A Cancer-Ox often appears vulnerable, such as Princess Diana’s uncomfortable mannerisms when she was photographed in public. However, when she spoke boldly with intention about a topic or cause she was passionate about, she appeared mighty, with a strong voice, and dressed in conservative, professional attire.
A Cancer-Ox must pay close attention to their professional appearance and the tone of their voice. No low-cut blouses or casual attire. For instance, when Princess Diana wore tailored suits and professional fashions, she was viewed as strong, but when wearing sundresses or leggings she was viewed as fragile.
Sen. Warren is a strong leader, and she must dress the part to capture the attention and respect of voters. She is competing against candidates who speak boldly, wear tailored suits and appear physically stronger due to their fashion choices. Sen. Warren may benefit from bulking up, wearing suits and lowering her cadence during the election.
A reader of The Chronicle asked if 2020 would be a good year for her and her fiancé to buy a house. The reader is a Capricorn born on the cusp of Horse and Sheep, and her fiancé is a Scorpio born in the Year of the Dragon.
The Sheep aspect of your sign will do very well with finances. You could find yourself in a position of receiving gifts or bonuses this year. The Horse aspect of your sign will struggle; however, considering your Dragon fiancé will be at your side, and he will be experiencing a fortunate year with finances, I would anticipate your Horse aspect will do fine.
Is it a good time to buy a house? The Dragon’s career and finances will be fortunate this year; buying the house will put a dent in his assets, but he will be fine. I’d say yes, it is okay for your fiancé and you to buy a house in 2020, but expect some financial sacrifices.
The brighter side is that 2021 will be a luckier year to buy a house for both you and your fiancé. So, perhaps you can begin working on the project now, and don’t feel rushed to complete it quickly. As you move toward the end of the year, things will fall into place easier. Perhaps plan on completing the transaction toward the end of the year, into next year.
You also asked about the compatibility between you and your fiancé. Your Capricorn Horse/Sheep personality is very kind and very intelligent, somewhat of a perfectionist, very dutiful and responsible. Your sign is smart and creative. Your kind heart appreciates those who live difficult lives, and you often work to improve the lives of animals, children, veterans and individuals who can become more than their circumstances provided to them.
There are many thoughts and strategies going on in your mind. You have the good graces to keep condescending opinions to yourself. Although you are usually correct in your opinions, it is kinder to practice decorum.
Your fiancé has an intense sign. He is a Scorpio-Dragon. He is born under the same sign as Ryan Reynolds, Willow Smith and Roseanne Barr. You two will make a lot of money, likely through real estate. Both signs are mindful about money and want to save and invest. It is good that you are planning to buy a house, but after you get settled, it would be typical for your signs to expand your goals to acquire rental and investment properties. Apartments or commercial property would not surprise me. You can engage with real estate partners to get started.
Regarding compatibility between you and your fiancé, I’d have to say you are both ambitious. You are more pragmatic in your goals and transparent in approach than him. Your fiancé is creative, decisive, funny (sense of humor), secretive and more inclined to take risks than you.
He will lean on you for grounding. He will appreciate that you are strong and reliable. You will appreciate that he is there for you when you need him.
You two are very different in personality, but you both want the same outcome in life. You want a stable family and stable home. Neither of you want divorce, so you will both work through many disagreements you encounter; your personalities are diverse.
You can have a long, financially secure life together. You both need a strong person in your partner, and you both fill that need for the other. Would this be a love match that I would recommend if I were matchmaking? Probably not, but I have found that people who are very different in manner can work toward the same goals and support each other’s needs.
Will you be blissfully happy every moment of your marriage? Probably not. He will annoy you, and you will annoy him, at times. But you are both strong and emotionally determined to have a successful partnership and marriage. You two can create a strong team, driven toward the same goals.
I enjoy hearing from you and would like to answer your questions in the column. Please send questions about yourself, lovers, family or friends. Provide the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question, including their gender, and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally. I do not need names, and I won’t include names in the column.
Newspaper astrology columns offer entertainment based on theory.

Please write to me at: [email protected] or mail a letter to: The Chronicle, Attn: Linda LaZar, P.O. Box 428 Creswell, OR 97426. For private consultations, visit YourMoonSign.com.



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