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Einstein, Osteen, Seal, Kardashian similar?

I received a question from a reader of The Chronicle this week who wanted to know which sign would be romantically compatible with him. He was born under the sign Pisces during the Chinese lunar year of the Rabbit.
A Pisces-Rabbit has a spiritual and contemplative nature. They are dreamy poets and are blessed with ingenious creativity and imagination. Their creativity is at its most productive while surrounded by peaceful nature, beauty and quiet comfort.
They enjoy spending time with friends, and in front of adoring audiences, but they are happiest when quiet and creative. They become centered while taking scenic strolls or jogs through nature.
I was excited to write about this sign, because compatibility for this sign depends on the objective.
Most astrology resources will suggest compatibility love signs for Rabbits, but my research has taught me that Rabbits are drawn to and successful with signs that are incompatible as it pertains to traits.
Rabbits are often drawn to strong, aggressive, dynamic people. When a Pisces-Rabbit marries early in life, these incompatible matches can assist the Rabbit toward elevated goals and achievements that they would be unlikely to reach without the support of strong advocates, mentors and agents – or an invincible, albeit incompatible spouse.
For instance, Rabbits often marry or partner with Tigers, Roosters and Snakes. These signs are considered incompatible personalities as a good love match for a Rabbit. However, these signs create strong partnerships and create family-oriented lives together with Rabbits. The Rabbit is gentle and peace-seeking, whereas the Tigers, Snakes and Roosters are more inclined to engage in challenges – the ones that involve aggressive approaches that Rabbits would never attempt on their own.
A Tiger-and-Rabbit marriage creates a dynamic and memorable couple. Each sign achieves more due to the efforts of the other. These signs balance each other (and occasionally hate each other). The Rabbit wants to reach high goals, seeking grand outcomes and is willing to work hard to reach high goals, but the risk of stepping outside secure footing without a strong, secure partner like a Tiger can be too stressful for a Rabbit.
Rabbits are managers of peace and harmony in the family; they’re thinkers and diplomats – something the Tiger and Snake struggle and often fail to manage. Tigers are excellent managers of battles and fights, which the Rabbit would never attempt alone based on the stress it would bring to him or her.
In a partnership, Rabbits become nervous due to the Tiger’s achievements earned through strength and intimidation – but the Rabbit is grateful for it, and appreciates the Tiger’s aggressive manner only after the task is finished, when the Rabbit can relax into the benefits of the win.
When asked if incompatible matches for Rabbits can be harmonious, the answer would depend on what the Rabbit seeks. If the Rabbit needs a mentor, bodyguard and/or business partner, then the answer is yes. These strong signs could be essential in the Rabbit’s life and success level, even if they do create stress in the Rabbit’s world. Although the Rabbit may feel stressed by the relationship at times, Rabbits are patient and seek endurance in a relationship.
If the Rabbit has a strong foundation and grasp on financial success, has a strong business manager or family members who will fight the aggressive battles with him, then the Rabbit can relax and seek a harmonious love partner.
The Rabbit often finds true love with a match born in the Year of the Pig. A Sheep can also fulfill the Rabbit’s needs for love and a strong foundation, but the Pig is a relaxed, compatible love for a Rabbit. This match can be best friends, as well as lovers. It’s important to also consider the Western sign. A Pisces-Rabbit would do well with a Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio-Pig.
A Rabbit-and-Pig match is often better after they each have already found financial success and security in their lives. This combination early in life is beautiful, but they both reach greater financial success with the assistance of strong and aggressive mentors guiding their talents and skills.
For instance, Rob Kardashian is a Pisces-Rabbit. His mother Kris Jenner is a Scorpio-Sheep. She provides the muscle and mentorship he needs, and he already has a solid financial foundation. With these benefits, he would do well to look for a Pig as his love match. A Pig-born would sacrifice her own goals to support his, and she would offer him a lasting friendship within the love.
Considering the reader’s compatibility question regarding his perfect match: he must decide what his needs and objectives are from the relationship; is he looking for a strong leader who will help him in his career goals, or is he looking for a compatible love and gentle best friend?
Albert Einstein was a Pisces-Rabbit, both of his wives were born in the Year of the Pig, and he had strong mentors. Vanessa Williams (Pisces-Rabbit) was married three times: first to a Tiger, then to a Rooster, and her current husband is a Pig. The musician Seal and the TV minister Joel Osteen are both Pisces-Rabbits, and they both married strong, Ox-born women.
Rabbits can do very well married to signs that are considered incompatible, depending on the collective objective of the relationship. They can enjoy a lifelong marriage, fun companionship, and supportive and equal responsibility toward earning income, provided the Rabbit understands that incompatible signs like Tigers will challenge their peace and anxiety level.
I enjoy hearing from you and would like to answer your questions in the column. Please send questions about yourself, lovers, family or friends. Provide exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question – including their gender – and I will answer your questions about compatibility or reasons behind behaviors or personally.
I do not need names, and I won’t include names in the column.
Newspaper astrology columns offer entertainment based on theory.
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