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Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Rat!
Enjoy New Year’s celebrations with fun, joy, excitement and kindness toward others. The moon has been pushing our oceans around with force during the past couple of weeks, and that powerful gravitational influence has led us through the emotional transition of a new moon cycle.
For most, 2020 will be a good year.
Kenny Chesney is this week’s celebrity profile. He was born during the lunar Year of the Monkey under the sun sign Aries. An Aries-Monkey doesn’t need luck – their talent and lunar sign naturally brings its own luck; however, 2020 will offer Monkeys prosperity and popularity.
Aries-Monkeys are smart and charismatic. They are determined and relentless to reach their goals and are smooth, solid and graceful in their approach. Aries-Monkeys immerse themselves into every aspect of their work or project, and they add an element of creative perfection that others seek to find but struggle to achieve as easily as the Monkey.
An Aries-Monkey possesses a skill for making deals, sharing only the basic information needed to close the deal, without disclosing secrets unnecessary to share. An Aries-Monkey will move from one project to another with ease and grace, but no one should be surprised when mischief is afoot with a Monkey. This sign likes to create and play, and Aries-Monkeys are serious about creating it their way.
I received a question from a reader born under the sign Gemini-Horse who wanted to know if she is on the right career path, and she is curious about her love life. People born during the Year of the Horse are fun, social, outgoing, athletic and stubborn. They enjoy parties, barbecues and lots of people and friends.
Horse-born tend to have rough beginnings, and often choose to leave home early or venture out to explore during their adolescence. It is not uncommon for a Horse-born to become involved with drugs and alcohol at an early age. They seek fun and adventure. Companionship and the security of family or the camaraderie of friends is important to a Horse; if they don’t find security at home, they look for it outside, and they don’t view risk-taking as dangerous.
A Gemini-Horse does well when their work involves children or people who seek fun. Gemini-Horses are creative and athletic. They enjoy talking to friends and strangers from all walks of life. Gemini-Horses don’t enjoy spending time in traditional academic settings, but if they could focus their attention for a few years in college, they would make great teachers – especially gym teachers, or art and music teachers.
They tend to do well in careers that require creativity and physical movement, leading people in activities. A Gemini-Horse would make a great coach, athlete or assistant in sports, perhaps working as a team member within an athletic staff. Horses can also be entrepreneurs, but the business would need to be fun or adventurous, selling fun activities or sporting adventures.
A Gemini-Horse would do well owning a restaurant or sports bar. The key is for the Horse’s career to involve plenty of people, socializing, action, fun, adventure, creativity and energy. It is difficult for a Horse-born to happily maintain a 9-to-5 office job. They need freedom to move around and socialize.
The key to happiness for a Gemini-Horse is to find a career where they don’t feel as if they are on a treadmill. They need freedom and an environment to express their creativity. Gemini-Horse born people often share their wealth during good times, which leaves little for themselves later in life. For this reason, a career that offers a good pension or real estate investments would be fun and offer security.
Regarding the Gemini-Horse’s love life: Horses are compatible with people born in Tiger and Dog years (refer to the calendar in this article to find those years). Horses have lots of fun with Dogs, and they enjoy a Dog’s companionship. However, it is important for a Horse to find a Dog who understands the value of working hard in a steady job that he or she enjoys – otherwise the Dog may rely too much on the Horse for security.
If the Gemini-Horse finds a partner who was born in the Year of the Sheep, she will find a stable and lasting partnership. A Horse and Sheep can build a lovely life together.
This year is the Year of the Rat, and a Horse-born may find frustrations this year. Although problems may arise, or unhappy romance may frustrate the Horse, it can be helpful to avoid confrontations this year, especially as it pertains to law, family, romance and finances. Try to be patient and persevere.
Horses are likeable with many opportunities. Horses may find it easier if they take one day at a time this year. Try not to put pressure on yourself; enjoy the opportunities that present themselves. Save money rather than spend it this year.
In your life, it is certain that you will find love. Horses always find love. Don’t rush it; wait for the right match. The next few years will transition gradually and become easier for the Horse, and 2023 should be a very good year for the Horse.
I enjoy hearing from all of you and would like to answer your personal questions in this column. Please write me with questions about yourself, lovers, family or friends. Provide me with the exact birth dates (day, month, year) of all individuals included in your question – including their gender. Newspaper astrology columns offer entertainment based on theory.
Please write me at: [email protected], or mail to The Chronicle, Attn: Linda LaZar, P.O. Box 428 Creswell, OR 97426.

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